2do Brainy – Is It Really A Paying App? [Review]

v2do Brainy – Legitimate or scam?

Today we will talk about  2do Brainy,  an alleged  application to earn money online  that is presented as an  app that does pay . Apparently it is an app for challenges and personal growth that also allows you to play and  earn money , if that makes sense.

Anyway, remember to read until the end to find out if it is an  app that does pay  or just another  junk app  that will waste our time. Whatever the result, I will tell you, only that this will be based on my experience and what I found once I tried it. We have nothing to do with any studio or app and we do not promote anyone, we are just users looking for some  legit applications to earn money online  . If it is an  app that does pay,  I will tell you and you can use it with confidence. The same if it is a  junk app , I will alert you so that you do not waste your time.

Also regardless of the result, if you read until the end you will be able to find the names of several lists that gather  apps that do pay . Most of them will be  applications to earn money playing games , but there are also  apps that pay you  to answer surveys . Check them out and find your favourite. Well, now if we are going to focus on  2do Brainy , an app that does not have a publication date and you can only see what was last updated in May of this year. So far it has more than 100,000 downloads and not a single review from its users.

What is 2do Brainy?

2nd brainy  is a rather curious app and perhaps it is not what you expect, since beyond being the motivational application that its description claims to be, it is another  application to earn money by playing games . It seems that everything is a simple facade, although I don’t really understand why if it’s easier to get an audience by promoting yourself as a game anyway. More when your target audience is young, since the  reward will be delivered  to  FreeFire ,  Roblox  and  Brawl Stars.

But hey, you may wonder who is the genius behind this app and how reliable it is. For this I have an answer: it is called  SinCos Play  and so far it has not published any other game. There’s no way to know how reliable it is unless you try  2do Brainy , as it’s not even possible to find information available to Erica from the company on the web. All the efforts of its creator are oriented so that you firmly believe in this project and convince yourself to use it. For this reason, all the ads are an  app that does pay  and hundreds of active commercials trying to attract people.

Unfortunately, this is not a new strategy, since many creators see advertising their creations as  applications to earn money online as an option, despite not being the case. This is because it is an easy way to attract an audience, especially when it comes to teenagers who are blinded by their favorite game.

2nd Brainy

Installation and registration in 2do Brainy:

The application is not very difficult to find and all you have to do is place its name in the search engine or enter from an advertisement. If it is not compatible with your cell phone, it will not appear and for this there is no solution, so I only recommend that you continue to the next game.

You can select what type of account you want to link, if a FreeFire, Brawl Stars or Roblox account. It won’t ask for your username right away though.

2nd Brainy

How to play?

When you enter  2do Brainy  you will find the reality of the app, only games and there is nothing physical behind or that holds you back daily. But hey, what is really important here is the  reward  that you offer so much in each of your ads and how real it can be. You will also have a bar at the bottom to access the different options and game, as well as account settings.

You will have a total of two windows in which you can see games, either external or internal. Personally I recommend the internal ones so you don’t have to download anything and save space. The fact is that you can calmly navigate through all of them and select the one that most attracts your attention. The first window will have games that have a description in which they tell you a little more about the challenge you have to meet and  how much they will pay you for it . He may even charge you an extra tab to supposedly play, but not allow it and still  give you your reward . This happened to me and immediately afterwards, he wanted to force me to see an ad, since it is only a strategy for it.

What can I tell you about the  reward , it is automatically added to your account and as always, you can see an ad to  multiply your earnings . Besides there is a circle that loads every few seconds and can also give you some  coins .

Application to earn money online - app that does pay


You can  request your payment  through  Roblox  , which has Robux as its  official  currency  , also  FreeFire  or  Brawl Stars . It depends on which game you have an account in or which one you like the most. The  minimum withdrawal  is  10,000 coins , although you can also opt for amounts like  15,000  and  20,000 Robux . 

When you reach the  minimum number , it will give you the option to write your username and link your account so that you wait, because  the payment will never arrive .

Application to earn money online - app that does pay

Does 2do Brainy pay ?

2do Brainy does not pay , it is a waste of time and this is evident from the first moment. I must tell you that the application has some bugs that make it slow, as well as a lot of annoying ads. In fact, for each activity you will have to see an ad, even to receive your reward. The creator’s intent is clear to me at least, so I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone because I know it’s not user-friendly. I recommend that you delete it and if you want a .




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:


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