Cashyy Tube Review: is it scam?

Cashyy Tube is an app that is promoted on the internet as an app that pays users to watch videos, a really attractive proposition. The reality is very different from what the advertising says. Cashyy Tube takes advantage of the fact that everyone watches videos every day, so it proposes to charge users for something they usually do. The truth is that Cashyy Tube will never pay you for watching videos or for any other activity.
The following review will disprove Cashyy Tube’s advertising strategies, read it to the end and find out everything.

Cashyy Tube: is it legit?

Cashyy Tube is not a legitimate app because it does not pay what it claims and uses misleading advertising to make itself known. The app features many gimmicks to attract new users and keep them on the platform as long as possible. Cashyy Tube is a junk app that you should stay away from.

What is Cashyy Tube?

Cashyy Tube is an application to earn money by watching videos and the reward for each one is very interesting. The app shows a lot of advertisements and as time goes by, they show more ads, becoming annoying. This application was created by the developer Easy Puzzle 4096, famous for creating junk apps.
Cashyy Tube’s interface is moderately good and does not have any particular features. Aesthetically speaking, the app resembles Youtube Shorts and TikTok, as you can see the platform lacks originality.
To download Cashyy Tube to your cell phone, you must go to Google Play Store and search for it by its name. As there are many apps with similar names, add the name of the company that created it, Easy Puzzle 4096.
To access Cashyy Tube you don’t need any kind of registration, you can start watching videos directly.

How does it work?

Once you enter Cashyy Tube you can start browsing through the thousands of videos that are available there. Most of them will be videos like the ones you can find in the YouTube shorts section, short and mostly somewhat strange and quite ridiculous most of the time.
For each video you watch you will receive rewards that are like coins or points. You will also see a bar at the bottom that fills up as time goes by. This is the method that the application has to count the seconds you spend there and thus be able to distribute the reward that you will see reflected immediately in the account.
Remember that to earn coins, you only need to click on the egg that appears randomly in the application and watch video ads.


When it comes to cashing out your earnings, Cashyy Tube offers Google Play, Steam, OXXO, PayPal and Amazon as payment methods. The minimum withdrawal for all options is $500 dollars, which is too high for an application.
The worst of all is that Cashyy Tube has no cashout section nor a section where you can see the earnings of each user. As you can see, there is no way to withdraw the money earned.

As you reach 5000 coins, your rewards for watching videos will come to a screeching halt. Videos that paid you 500 coins before will pay you less than one coin.This is all to push you to keep watching as many ads as possible before withdrawal becomes available. When you reach 5000 coins, you will be given 72 hours to watch 30 more videos or you will lose all the money you have earned so far.

Conclusion of Cashyy Tube

Cashyy Tube does not pay because it is one of the many fake apps in the Google Play Store. The truth is that the developer only wants you to watch videos so that you can watch ads and in that way, they make money. You should not download this app to your cell phone and if you have already downloaded it, delete it right now.

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Cashyy Tube does not pay.

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