Coin Master, real or virtual money? (Review)

Again we are doing a review, in which I will recommend or tell you to avoid a new app, this time it is Coin Master, how much will surprise or disappoint us? Keep reading, and do not miss any of our reviews, as they are of great help for those who are interested in making money online, here you will know which apps to download, which ones not, etc.

What is Coin Master?

It is a Viking game, in which mainly you must play in a roulette of slot coins, you can play with friends, raid villages of your opponents, it is an online game, so you can play with people from all over the world, it is a plus because this makes it more entertaining to the rest of the games, which are played alone.

In this game you can play alone or in teams, you can also invite more of your friends to join the game and this will give you new rewards, as I mentioned above is an online game, so you can play with people from all over the world, this makes it a very entertaining game, because while you play, you can meet people from other countries, has a somewhat striking game logistics, also the graphics are good, and this will always be a plus and a great advantage because it will attract more users.

Installation and registration in Coin Master:

 At the beginning of the game will give you a question, which says the following “Are you over 18 years ?” in case what if you are you can continue playing, after this will start the registration, are simple things, you just have to log in with Facebook, with your phone number or email, nothing different from normal, as this is requested by most applications, so they can save your progress, and in case what you get to uninstall the application, for whatever reason, your achievements are not lost.

I must also emphasize that you can play the game as a guest, in case you are testing the app, it is a good way to play, however, if you are looking to save your progress, etc., the best alternative is to register.

The application gives you the option, that if you register it will give you 50 shots and 1 million coins, however, this is not really very convenient, unless you take into account what I already told you, however, this application does not handle real money, so do not worry if you do not register.

The application itself and the games are quite simple, that is, they do not have great science, anyone of any age could play them, therefore, this makes it very accessible.

Payments in Coin Master:

If you are looking to generate money, I do not recommend this application, because here within the app, no real money is handled, simply earnings in virtual money, within the same application, this will handle coins, temporary rewards, such as gift spins, free coins every time you do something that the game asks you.

Do not waste your time, there are many games that pay you real money in cash for using their application, and in our blog, we explain what they are, so do not be discouraged, if this time you did not find an app that does pay, you can visit our page, the list of apps that do pay, and also which apps do not pay.

I have to emphasize that there are very striking rewards within the game, such as those you get every time you invite friends, or every time you do something as I told you that the game asks you to do. However, to emphasize, the app never pays you money on the Internet.


My conclusion is, that I tried the application, and it is very entertaining, if you are looking to have a good time, distract you from your obligations, leave everything aside for the moment, it is a good alternative, however not to make money on the Internet, do not be fooled so easily, it is very difficult to find an app that does pay, but if they exist, it is just a matter of searching a lot, or visit our page, and then streamline the whole process, as I mentioned, in our platform and blog, you can find a list of apps that do pay, at the end of the article I will leave the link, to make it easier for you to find it.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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