Fruit Drop: does it really pay?

Fruit Drop is an app that is advertised on the internet as a game to earn money. The reality is that the platform is fraudulent, issues misleading advertising and does not pay a penny to play. Fruit Drop manifests various deceptions to attract users and keep them in the game as long as possible.
Read the following review and find out how Fruit Drop deceives users.

Fruit Drop: is it legit?

Fruit Drop is not a legitimate app, since it does not pay anything it claims. The platform deceives users through trickery so that they stay inside the application playing, although in the end they will not earn any money.

What is Fruit Drop?

Fruit Drop is a game that is advertised as an app in which you can earn money. The game consists of throwing coins, which are fruit-shaped tokens. The graphics of the game are attractive and the game becomes entertaining on a day when you have nothing to do.
The app was created by the developer Minotaur Arts, which until now has created fraudulent platforms that do not pay a penny.
To download the app you must go to Google Play and search for it by its name, which is hard to find because its name is too common. If you can not download it on your device is because they are not compatible.
The platform does not require any registration, so you can start playing directly. This is a negative aspect of the app, as there will be no record of your evolution as a player nor will you receive technical support.

How to play?

Fruit Drop is very similar to other mobile games, as it lacks originality. When you enter the app you will have a board in which there is an empty space. All the tiles you throw will go there and there will be a limit. If you go over the limit, you lose. Your goal as a player is to throw tiles that will appear at the top of the screen. With these tiles you must create different fusions with which you will earn different rewards.
Each tile will have a different size and color, so you must use this to know how to throw them. You can only combine those that are the same and then they will form a bigger coin, and the reward will also be bigger.


Fruit Drop Pays?

To cash out at Fruit Drop you must reach a minimum balance of $1000 dollars, which is extremely high for a simple mobile game. The platform has two payment methods with the same withdrawal limit, Amazon and Paypal. The money is credited to you 24 hours after you claim it. The truth is that the money arrives to your account because the platform is fraudulent and does not pay.

Conclusion of Fruit Drop

Fruit Drop does not pay, as it is another junk app created by the company Minotaur Arts. The game has gained incredible popularity in recent times. That’s because many people think they can make money playing this game, but the reality is that the platform doesn’t pay a penny.
The platform’s goal is to get you to watch as many videos as possible so that they can make money, without paying you a cent. The game is somewhat entertaining, but if you visit Google Play you will find much better apps than these.
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Fruit Drop does not pay.

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