Monkey Jumping Review: does it really pay?

Monkey Jumping is an app that is advertised on the internet as an app with which you can win money playing. The reality is that this platform is fraudulent and does not pay to play. Monkey Jumping manifests various gimmicks to trap and deceive users in order to profit from them.
Read the following review below and find out how Monkey Jumping lies to users.

Monkey Jumping: is it legit?

Monkey Jumping is not a legitimate application as it does not pay anything it promises. The platform lies through misleading advertising saying that you can win money by playing, but in reality it does not pay.

What is Monkey Jumping?

Monkey Jumping is an Android application created by the developer YYhappy, which is famous for creating garbage apps. The mechanics of the game is to control a monkey which will make us earn money, the app presents several levels through which the player will climb. The aesthetics of the game is nice and the dynamics is quite easy to carry out.

The app is presented as a game that combines jumping and running. The game’s orangutan wants to explore the world and the player’s job is to accompany him. The app claims to be a combined adventure, action, puzzle and mental game. However, you will find that you will soon get bored playing it.
To install it on your device you must go to Google Play and search for it by name. The platform does not require registration and you can start playing directly. This is a negative aspect of the application, as there will be no record of your evolution as a player.

How to play?

Monkey Jumping presents an easy to play game. The game consists of spinning a die, which will make the monkey jump. The boxes will be platforms suspended in the air, which will have different types of prizes such as an iPhone or cash.
The app presents roulette wheels to win prizes and also daily opportunities to win coins and diamonds. The player must level up and as that happens, a lot of money is won. As you can see the game is not challenging and does not excite the player.
Throughout the game you will see hundreds of advertisements. The rewards are extremely high and no developer company can sustain such expensive prizes. That proves how fraudulent the application is.


Monkey Jumping pays $15 for each level obtained, the game has a total of 10 levels. The withdrawal threshold is $1000 dollars, a very high figure. The platform pays through PayPal. The reality is that your winnings never reach your bank account.

Conclusion of Monkey Jumping

Monkey Jumping is a junk app that doesn’t pay and only displays hundreds of advertisements for users to watch. The game ends up boring you soon and the payment of your winnings never arrives. In addition, the platform proposes players to make various in-game purchases, which is convenient that you never buy anything. The platform does not even entertain, as it failed to design an exciting game.
You should not download this app to your cell phone, as it represents a waste of time and will waste space and battery of your device. If you already have the app installed, it is advisable to delete it right now.
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Monkey Jumping is a junk app and does not pay.

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