Ocean Merge: Gather Gem Review: does it really pay?

Ocean Merge Gather Gem is an application found in the Play Store, the device you must have to download it must have Android 5.0 or later versions, otherwise it will be impossible to download it to your computer. The platform claims to pay to play this game, which is false. The app presents several deceptions throughout the game and finally does not pay anything.
The following review will reveal how this app deceives users.

Ocean Merge: Gather Gem: is it legit?

Ocean Merge: Gather Gem is not a legitimate application as it does not pay anything it states. The platform exposes several scams to attract and retain users within the game.

What is Ocean Merge: Gather Gem?

Ocean Merge:Gather Gem is an app that presents a beautiful seabed aesthetic. The platform offers a fun game and claims that you can win money by playing, which is a fraud. The platform does not ask for any registration or personal data, nor does it provide technical support. Your evolution as a player will not be registered anywhere, which is a negative point.
Once you have downloaded the application, click on play, wait a few seconds for it to load and when you reach 100% you will be in the game. When you start, you will find an icon of a hand with white gloves indicating that you must click on the top center of the screen where you will find the symbol that refers to PayPal, click there and you will immediately receive a high value bonus, which ultimately is a lie.

How to play?

Ocean Merge: Gather Gem works as follows: you must click where the PayPal logo is located. In this way, gems of marine animals of different sizes are released, which you must order to optimize the space and thus obtain more marine gems.

When it is time to collect your money, in the upper right part of the screen you will see a panel where you will see a timer that counts and asks you how many bonuses you can get before the time limit ends. In the central part of the screen you will see the amount of money you have accumulated playing and you can withdraw at any time.


To cashout you click on cashout, then you are asked to enter an email address, then you retype the same email address you entered before and click on OK. Next, you will get a notification that your order is successful, but when you read further down you will see that to complete your payment, you must pay a fee. This indicates that the platform is a complete scam.

Conclusion of Ocean Merge: Gather Gem

Ocean Merge: Gather Gem is a game that has an attractive interface and the gameplay is good, relaxing and de-stressing. However the platform is a complete scam, making Ocean Merge: Gather Gem a fake app in which you will never earn money. Furthermore, the platform wants to take money from you so that you can cash out, which is fraudulent.
Despite being a scam, this app has a high rating, which indicates that the developers have bought fake reviews so that it is not known that the platform is a fraud. Buying fake reviews on the internet is very common, so you should inform yourself seriously before downloading an app to your cell phone.
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Ocean Merge: Gather Gem does not pay.

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