2248 Merge: Number Puzzle Game, Does He Pay You? [Review]

2248 Merge: Number Puzzle Game, Do you really win money?

I discovered 2248 Merge: Number Puzzle Game very recently while trying another “Make Money” app. The truth is that your announcement made me very curious, since it is as if I were seeing the repetition of other games. A 2048 game that offers you to earn money in an easy way and that will practically convert or replace your job. They do not say it directly, but they do put large sums of money that make one think so. These types of apps are the ones that I love to unmask, since they are usually very bad apps or complete scams. So today, come with me to find out if this app is really worth it or is it just another app that wastes your time.

Before starting the article, I want to tell you that regardless of whether this app pays or not, we will leave you with lists of applications to earn money. In them you will find more than 100 applications that can give you good profits. Just choose the one that suits you best and start your adventure for online earnings. Sure, first you have to see if this app is worth it or comfortable for you. Once you make your decision you can read or not the lists that I will leave you.

This article is based on my personal experience with the app, as well as researching testimonials from other users. So I can say that this article has solid foundations in terms of the information that I put here. If you have doubts that what I say is true or not, I invite you to try the application. In that case you can leave us a comment telling us how you liked the application.

What is 2248 Merge: Number Puzzle Game?

2248 Merge: Number Puzzle Game is an app to earn money by playing games released by xycasualgames. This developer has a total of 5 public applications today, one of them being Casino Slots – Happy to Win . If you are a faithful follower of the blog, you should know that this application turned out to be a complete scam. Honestly, this makes me completely doubt 2248 Merge: Number Puzzle Game, and makes me think that it really is a junk app.

However, my job is to investigate the facts and why the app is probably a scam. I will not be left alone with a simple prejudice, I need proof and real experiences. So I decided to go ahead and install the app.

Installation and registration in 2248 Merge: Number Puzzle Game:

To install this app we must go to the Google Play Store and search for it by name. Being such a long and unique name, it will appear among the first results, so it will be really easy to find. We will only have to enter its download page and click the install button. The download and installation will be done automatically.

Once installed we can open it and access it without any registration, this can be an advantage and a disadvantage for many. Advantage because you will not waste time entering your data in a form. But the disadvantage that I see is that you will not have support nor will you be able to save your progress, or so I say from my own experience.

How does it work?

2248 Merge: Number Puzzle Game is a game that works in a totally simple way. The rules of the game are those of any 2048 game, combining two numbers of the same denomination to result in a higher number. For example, if we combine two of 4 we will have the number 8 as a result. So until we reach the number 2048, or well, I have no idea why it’s called 2248 merge, I guess to make a difference.

In addition to this we will have a game mode that is not so recurring in these games, we will be able to combine several numbers at the same time forming a line with our fingers. That is, if we pass the line through two number 4s and one number 8, they will add up. The two 4’s would become an 8 and combine with the 8 to make a 16. I know it sounds a bit confusing, but when you put it into practice you will understand more.

Additionally, the game has daily prizes, a roulette wheel and power-ups. The daily prizes are in two forms, cash prizes, that is, money, and physical prizes, for example original AirPods.


The payments are really good in the application, supposedly, since in each game we will be taking a good amount. In order to withdraw our money we will have to reach the minimum figure of $1000 in any of the available platforms. It should be said that the maximum withdrawal is $6,000, so you can take larger amounts. The available platforms are the following:

  • PayPal
  • Amazon
  • Visa
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • Steam

The amounts will be the same for each of these platforms.

Does 2248 Merge: Number Puzzle Game Pay?

From the beginning I suspected it, 2248 Merge: Number Puzzle Game is a scam, nothing else will waste your time. This game is made for you to spend insane amounts of hours just to enrich the developers. I already said that they had another scam application and that this could be one more. But hey, at least my experience will help prevent another person from falling or so that the one who has the app installed will uninstall it immediately. I feel like this app doesn’t even serve as a means of entertainment, so stay away.

If what you want is to earn money with applications, I invite you to read our lists of apps that do pay . In order to find them, you simply have to go to the search engine (upper right corner of the page) and look for the following terms: “Applications to earn money online 2023” , “Applications to earn free cryptocurrencies” , “Five applications that help you earn money extra” , “25 Best Apps To Earn Money” and “Best Apps To Earn Extra Money 2023” . We have collected many apps that can earn you good earnings there. You will find applications to earn money playing ,applications to earn free cryptocurrencies and much more.

If you have any opinion of the article or about the application, I invite you to leave it in the comments. If you want to recommend me an application you can do the same, I’ll take care of reviewing it very soon.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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