Ball Merge 2048 Does It Really Pay To Play Or Is It Scam? [Review]

Ball Merge 2048 – Does it really pay?

Today I will tell you about  Ball Merge 2048 , an  application to earn  money by playing games  that is promoted as an  app that does pay . This time it is another simple game which promises  to pay us to play  and it is not just any amount, but a very good amount. This is what I will be checking to see if it is true or not.

As always, remember that I tested the application for a while to bring you the most specific information possible and to be able to tell you if it really is an  app that does pay  or just another  junk app  of the bunch. Do not forget that we have nothing to do with any study or application, we are users who, like you, are looking for an  application to earn money playing  or, well, an  app that pays us for some task . We do not promote anyone and we do not want to convince you of anything. If you are not happy with what I tell you, feel free to use the application and leave us in the comments how your experience was. 

Ball Merge 2048 – Does it really pay?

In addition, at the end of the article you will be able to find the names of several lists that gather  apps that do pay,  there you will be able to search for an application that you like in case it fails us. Although most of the apps on the list are  applications to earn money playing games , you can still find other types that  pay you to perform micro tasks  or answer surveys. The latter are the most common. Ball Merge 2048 does not have a publication date and was last updated in June of this year. In addition, so far it has more than 100,000 downloads and not a single review from its public, something that can be suspicious.

What is Ball Merge 2048?

Ball Merge 2048  is a puzzle game as shown in its commercials and promotional images. Don’t expect a lot of fun here because the game is tedious and boring, so the least of it will be excitement. The only important thing here is to know if it really is an  application to earn money by playing games  or not, that is its main attraction and the reason why people end up installing this game. If you ask me, a very clever marketing move.

And well, surely you are wondering about the background of who created it and if it is a study that has experience or some kind of support from the public and I must tell you that no, it is not. This is  Tiny Bun Game Studio  and it is a company that has not published any other game so far. Everything seems that his jewel and his maximum project with which he wants to achieve success is this game, his entire future depends on it. That is why we see so many commercials in which it is presented as an  app that does pay  and that you cannot miss. Surely it is a desperate attempt to attract the attention of the public and thus end up succeeding in order to launch new games in the future.

I think this is something we’ve seen on many occasions: a studio desperate to attract an audience that lies to all its users with a  reward that will never come . For my part, I can only recommend that every time you see an  application to earn money by playing,  first check if there is any type of information and opinions that support this or otherwise leave us your name in the comments to review it.

Installation and registration in Ball Merge 2048:

Despite what it may seem, it is an easy game to find. I still recommend that you write its name correctly and always check the name of the studio to make sure you install the correct one. If you can’t find it, it may be due to compatibility issues for which there is no solution, just look for another app.

Luckily, no registration is needed to enter, so don’t worry about having to leave your email in an application that doesn’t look very reliable.

How to play?

Once you enter  Ball Merge 2048  you go straight into a game, without time to think or any instructions that can tell you how to play. The good thing is that it is not a very difficult game to solve, since it will be similar to many puzzles that we have already solved before. You will also have some boxes in which you can access a few settings and also a box that automatically saves all your rewards.

In the game you will have a board in which there are several tiles that have a different color and number. Each tab will have these characteristics and you must pay close attention to them so that you know how to assemble the groups or where to assemble them. What you must do is draw a line with your finger and for that you must have at least three tiles that match both in color and number. You can also confirm larger groups and of course, these will give you a  bigger reward .

Regarding the  reward  , I don’t know what to tell you, since it is the most important part and it only comes down to some  coin  accounts that go to your account automatically. After a while the option to see ads will be enabled to  multiply your earnings .


We come to the most important point and, in turn, the one that disappoints the most, since despite promoting itself as an  application to earn money playing games , this is true. Once you explore everything you realize that  there is no withdrawal box  or  payment method  that you can access. The  reward  that is added to your account will only be used within the game, but  you will not have the option to withdraw money .

Does Ball Merge 2048  pay?

Ball Merge 2048 does not  pay , it is just a waste of time. I’m sorry to disappoint you like this, but I think it’s better to tell you the truth and not waste your time there, than to let you play until you find out the truth on your own. Many applications today are promoted in this way to gain space in the Play Store and since there is so much competition, the best thing for them is to lie to users and thus have a large audience. For my part I only recommend that you delete this game and look for other options. In this blog you will find some  applications to earn money playing  that will be of great help.

You can help yourself from this blog to find some  apps that do pay , since we have been lucky and we have placed them in lists so that you can easily access them. All the apps there are  apps that do pay , are verified, and have an article with more information. There is also a link in each article for you to install it from the Play Store. Also at the bottom you will have the link to the most extensive list of all, you just have to press their name and you will be redirected.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:


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