Balls King – Does It Pay You To Play? [Review]

Balls King – Does it really pay?

Perhaps you have already seen Balls King , an app to earn money online that promises to pay you for playing, something that sounds funny but is not always true and that is why I have decided to review the app. Stay if you want to find out everything and read until the end.

Remember that for the articles I base myself solely on my experience, since we have nothing to do with any study or blog. I never recommend apps that don’t work and if you want, you can try each game for yourself and leave us your experience in the comments. Like you, we are users and we are looking for an app to earn money online that really works and we know what it is like to come across a junk app, so we try to help you so that you can save yourself from falling for these lies.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen an app that promises to pay you to play, so I already know how it works and I can hardly tell if it’s a legitimate app or not. The same regardless of the result, I invite you to review the blog and especially our lists that are full of applications that are paying. Review them and find one that is to your liking, they will surely be able to help you.

What is Ball King?

If what you want is a boring and generic game from the Play Store, Balls King is the one for you. It is a game that consists of throwing some balls that will act as coins and putting them together to form pairs and get bigger and bigger numbers. Come on, I’m sure that this game sounds familiar to you and you’ve seen it several times in your search for an app to earn money online .

The application has been quite popular for a while and this is due to all the ads it has, but I wondered who created it, so I decided to search. It turns out that the app was created by Visionnte and although it is a study that we do not know about so far, in its profile you can see that it has several publications. In fact, something that results is that all its games without generics, copies of other more successful games and all of them are presented to the public as an app to earn money online.

All of their games promise to pay you to play, so you’re just supposed to do your best, but they don’t tell you about all the ads you have to see. They also don’t tell you that in the end their payoff isn’t as true as they say.

balls king

Installation and registration in Balls King:

The app is easy to find and to find it you just have to place its name correctly in the comments. If the app does not appear, it may be due to compatibility problems, something for which there is no solution and unless you want to try another mobile, it is best to switch to another option.

Luckily, no registration will be necessary, so don’t worry at this point. You do not have to leave sensitive information or any email.

How does it work?

Once you enter Balls King you will see that there is an empty board and a game that is about to start, there you will have to throw some balls that appear to you. There really aren’t many instructions, but it’s not that you need them, after all it’s just a matter of throwing some balls into the void and seeing their numbers. Curiously, in this game you will not have help, just some boxes with configurations.

But hey, you will wonder if your objective is only to throw balls or you should do something else and yes, you should do something else. The objective is to join the circles that are identical, for this you must pay attention that they have the same number and the same size and color. Every time you see that a figure coincides exactly with another, you must throw them trying to make it collide in some way with the ball that is already placed on the board and that is the same. If you succeed, you will see that a larger circle level is created with a higher number that helps you unlock new levels.

The reward is given randomly in the middle of the game and is always as a result of a good action in the game, although sometimes it seems to be given more randomly than it should be but you will understand that when you play the game.

earn money online


Curiously, the payment method will be a local bank , in my case it was Davivienda since I am in Colombia and the amount of money is always in the local currency, but this does not mean that payments work from this mint.

Once you try to request your payment, a small sign appears warning you that you must have a minimum of $14,000 dollars or you will not be able to request your withdrawal, a figure that is impossible to reach without seeing ads and that of course is totally unreal. Everything is a lie, the payment does not exist .

Earn money online - Balls King

Does Balls King pay?

I think it is quite evident that we are dealing with an app that does not pay , but in case it is not clear to you, Balls King does not pay and it is just a waste of time. The game will only try to show you as many ads as possible, but they will never give you a real reward and what you see accumulating in your account is just an illusion. They will never pay you , so I recommend you delete the app and look for a legitimate app in our lists.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:


  1. I’ve played this game for over a week and have made $301.1 American dollars. I’ve done all the tasks and can’t withdraw the money it promised…. SCAM.. SCAM…SCAM … DO NOT PLAY!!

  2. Why are there games with the dame names like bingo cash and balls king. I thought this was the real deal because I check the reviews. I do not use made with unity games. How about reviewing the adds.

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