Binance App – A Secure Exchange? [Review]

Binance App – Does it really pay?

If you are in the world of cryptocurrencies then you have to meet Binance App , the mobile application of one of the most famous exchanges in the world. If it is possibly the largest site to trade cryptocurrencies and operate in all types of markets and currencies in this world.

Before I start the article and tell you how to use it, I want to remind you that this blog has nothing to do with the company that created this app or the application. We are users just like you and we simply want to help, we are not interested in promoting anyone. In this blog you can find hundreds of reviews of all kinds of applications and since we are an independent blog, you will always find real information. If an app works, we tell you so you can use it with confidence. The same if it is a junk app.

Also at the bottom you can find the names of some lists that bring together various legitimate applications that we have reviewed. I invite you to review them and find an app that you like and that can help you earn some money every month. Besides there are several cryptocurrency apps , although so far there are none to trade cryptocurrencies . I invite you to review them.

What is Binance App ?

Well, Binance App is the mobile version of the Binance exchange , the largest in the world. There you can find listed most of the cryptocurrencies that are traded worldwide and by the way you can carry out staking, exchanges, trading, etc., with them. The application is no exception and shows you each of these options, only adapted to make it comfortable for you to do it from your cell phone.

The application is created by Binance Inc and in case you are wondering, it is a study authorized by the company. It only has one other published app so far and from what I could tell, it relies mostly on creating cryptocurrency portfolios for its users, but doesn’t seem to be involved in trading. It is still a study that is controlled by the website and the official company, so you will not have any risk.

The application is more than anything in case you already have an account, but you want to keep your investment monitored. Can also start from scratch if you wish, it’s all a matter of comfort.

Binance App

Installation and registration in Binance App :

You can easily find the application just by entering its name in the Play Store search engine, in fact it may suggest the app to you before you even finish typing it. If you cannot find it or it does not give you the option to install it, it may be because it is not available in your country. To find out, I recommend you first check if cryptocurrencies are legal in your country, since there are some that have banned them and penalize anyone who trades with them.

Registration is necessary and for this you must enter your name, email, name and a password. Later, it will ask you for more information and to verify your identity through an identity document issued by your country.

Binance App

How does it work?

Once you have your account active in the Binance App you will have to make the deposit from the tab that says “Sing In”. When you enter you will have a large number of boxes in which you can explore and also several cryptocurrencies available, as well as some FIAT currencies. From the menu you will be able to access all the options and I recommend that you do not skip the tutorial or tour that it gives you when you start, since it can help a lot.

If you want to buy some crypto you can do it here through PayPal, bank transfer or exchange for another crypto, just keep in mind the Fee that the latter can cost you. There is P2P commerce or through the platform, but if you do not know these terms very well or you have not finished learning what they are about, it is better that you review first. You can also access different types of Staking and also access tokens before they are listed, but for this you need to have the platform token: BNB.

You can also trade cryptocurrencies if you know how it is, otherwise it is better to abstain. Each operation that you open will have a Fee, you must check this in the table with which it counts.

Trade cryptocurrencies


You can make a deposit or request a withdrawal using all the cryptocurrencies that are listed there and of course you will have the most popular ones such as UST, BNB, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum , etc. The minimum withdrawal and deposit varies depending on the currency you want to withdraw, as well as the Fee that each one has.

To request a payment you just have to go to the wallet and from there select the “Withdraw” option, then choose the crypto you want, the amount you are going to request and most importantly: the network in which the transaction will be made. If you are wrong at this point you lose everything, since Binance does not respond for losses of this type.

Trade cryptocurrencies

Does Binance App pay?

The truth is that yes, Binance App does pay and can be a great help if you want to enter this world. It is the largest exchange that we can find and also one of the most secure, although it has not been exempt from some controversies due to investigations, but it has never failed its users. I invite you to use it and tell us about your experience, also to review our lists since there are several interesting options there.



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