Bingo Blackout Winner: real or fake?

Bingo Blackout Winner is an app that is promoted on the internet as a pay to play app. The reality is that this app will not pay you to play or for any other activity. The app manifests several fraudulent marketing strategies to attract users and retain them within the platform as long as possible. The following review disproves everything that the Bingo Blackout Winner advertising campaign says. Read it to the end and find out all the details so that you do not fall into the trap of this fake app.

Bingo Blackout Winner: is it legit?

Bingo Blackout Winner is not a legitimate app as it does not pay what it claims and uses misleading advertising to gain online fame. The app already has more than 10 thousand downloads around the world and is still in early access. This is because the developer does not want users to reveal that the app does not pay. Bingo Blackout Winner offers hundreds of dollars in rewards, which is unrealistic for a simple bingo game. The app displays ads all the time, which makes for a poor quality gaming experience. The app claims that it pays to play, which is not true, as it is just a marketing strategy to attract users who want to win easy money.

What is Bingo Blackout Winner?

Bingo Blackout Winner is a traditional bingo game that is presented as easy, user friendly and fun. This bingo with 75 numbers is visually appealing and has added some mini-games to make the app more fun. Bingo Blackout Winner is an app that is available worldwide, suitable for users of all ages and was designed by the developer Dice WorldStudio, famous for creating fake apps.
To download Bingo Blackout Winner on your cell phone you just have to go to Google Play Store and search for it by name, if you do not find it is because it is not compatible with your device. To enter the app you do not need to register anywhere, you can start playing directly. This is a negative aspect of the platform, since your personal data is not protected and your evolution as a player is not registered anywhere.

How to play?

When you enter Bingo Blackout Winner you will find a 75 number bingo that you can play live with friends and family. The game has several levels and the platform gives you tips to level up in less time. The app has bingo tournaments with players from all over the world. Within the game you can send and receive gifts between your friends. The platform also offers you to play roulette every day to win extra prizes. The app emphasizes that you win prizes all the time, which is yet to be verified.


When it comes to cashing out your winnings at Bingo Blackout Winner you will notice that there is no payout method and no minimum withdrawal. The winnings obtained in the game are fictitious because the whole thing is a scam.

Conclusion of Bingo Blackout Winner

Bingo Blackout Winner does not pay because it is a fake app of the many that are in Google Play Store and should not exist. You should not download this app to your cell phone because it represents a waste of time. The best thing to do is to ignore Bingo Blackout Winner and focus on apps that do pay. For that you should inform yourself before installing any app to your device to avoid disappointment. What you should do is to explore AppsPayingMe, where you will find apps that are paying. This website analyzes all the apps that are released on the market and determines whether each of them is fake or legitimate.

Nowadays there are reliable apps that will pay you for various tasks: reading emails, listening to music, uploading photos, watching videos, playing games, giving opinions, answering surveys, completing offers, among others. All you have to do is choose one or several legitimate apps and use them in your free time to generate extra income every month. Don’t waste your time browsing social networks, better monetize your free time and earn money.



Bingo Blackout Winner does not pay.

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