Bird Sort Color Merge – Does it pay, or not? (Review)

Today I bring you a new article, which might interest you, it is about Bird Sort Color Merge, an app that promises to pay you to play, if you are interested in applications that pay, or which probably could generate an extra income, I recommend you read our articles, because here you can find applications that could be useful in the future, or in the present in case you are interested.

What is Bird Sort Color Merge ?

This app has more than 100,000 downloads, it is for people over 17 years old and is part of Mantour Studios, its last update was on March 19, 2023, that means that its developers are frequently giving maintenance, this may indicate a positive point, as it could tell us that they are aware of the needs of its users.

It is a game where you will have to sort the colored eggs, under the tree branch and even hatch the birds, a challenging game, but guaranteed to give you some relaxation.

It is simple to play, you just have to click on any colorful block to make the little birds fly to the big egg, you can only click on two or more blocks of the same color, you also have to find your own way to solve the puzzles that will appear in the game, in order to sort them.

And you can always restart the level at any time, you can even have the option to level up.

Installation and registration in Bird Sort Color Merge :

An advantage of this game, is that it does not ask you for a registration as such, like most of the different applications of this type, it does not ask you for a registration where you have to enter any account, which are very few that if they make you do this type of login, so it is something very common that you only have to download the application, on any platform of your preference, in this case it would be Google Play.

Once you have done this, you will only have to start playing, as I told you before, it is a sorting game, you will only have to sort the colored eggs, and click on any colored block to make the small birds fly to the big eggs.

It is a very easy game to be able to create rewards, this application is early access, so we can not see if it is paying or not, not because they do not let us see, but because they are not available the opinions of people for the general public.

Payments in Bird Sort Color Merge :

This application does not pay, it is a scam application more, and can only work for entertainment, however if what you are looking for is simply to have a good time playing a good game, it can be a good option for you, however I do not recommend it, since the main purpose of our page is to recommend applications that do pay, and that do not lie about the main purpose of the apps.

We must remember that it is very important that applications of this type, are honest things users, as they are making time which is very important for each of them, and it is something that will never return, so in case of not being an application that is paying, it is paramount that they say so from the beginning, so your users are not wasting time, and could look for another application that better suits their needs.


This time we were in front of a scam application, however do not be discouraged, because on the Internet there are many more applications in which you can have a good time, or even be able to generate extra income, which is our goal in general, if you are interested in knowing a paying application, I recommend reading our blog, because you can find many articles in which we will be talking about applications, and about its veracity, you can find scam applications, and applications that if they are paying, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Remember that it is important not to take lightly this type of applications, as it is much better to investigate before downloading any, and then take some dissatisfaction with them, in case if you are interested in visiting our blog, I leave you under the link so you do not have complications in finding it, within this you can find a list of applications that if they pay, I hope some of them are to your liking.




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