Bitcoin Air Drops – Do You Really Earn Free Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin Air Drops – Scam?

If you are wondering how legit Bitcoin Air Drops app is or if it is a scam, you have just come to the right place, I will tell you everything you need to know about the app. Remember that for this article I will base it on my experience only, you can tell us how it went in the comments.

Before continuing, I want to make it clear that the blog has nothing to do with any type of application or study, we are simply dedicated to reviewing apps that offer money and that’s it. This is an independent blog and we always tell the truth no matter how popular or well-known the app is. Our goal is not to promote or promote any of the applications we talk about, we just want to help you because we are users like you and we understand how annoying it is to encounter junk apps.

Also at the end you can find the access and names to some lists that bring together apps that do pay, check them out. Each list has different applications and although most are games, you can find other options that pay you for walking or answering surveys. Any questions you have regarding these apps can be left in the comments. Ok, now let’s see if Bitcoin Air Drops app is scam or paid.

What is Bitcoin Air Drops?

What can I say about Bitcoin Air Drops , it is a disappointing and boring game in equal measure. Really, if the only thing you are interested in is making money and you don’t mind dying of boredom, you can try it, but if you also value fun, it is best to stay away. The game is quite similar to those where you have to throw blocks to form pairs, something like Merge Block, but much more tedious and without excitement.

In case you’re wondering, the app was created by PariPesa , a studio that is not very well known and of which we do not have any reference on the site. Reviewing the company’s profile, I noticed that so far it has published 2 other apps and although they are also related to the world of cryptocurrencies , they do not offer rewards and are rather focused on teaching you the world of trading. The latter is nothing foreign to the world of cryptocurrencies, although it is striking that they are publications from an app that offers free money.

Finding information about both the app and the study seems impossible, so we have to go blind. Every ad in which the application appears is a promise, but something doesn’t feel right and as soon as the game is installed we can see how disappointing it is, probably that’s why you searched if Bitcoin Air Drops app is scam or paid. Smart move on your part.

Installation and registration in Bitcoin Air Drops:

Finding the application may be a bit complicated because it has a name that refers to two of the most common things in the crypto world, although you should have no problem with a detailed search. If you can’t find it or it doesn’t give you the option to install, it may be due to compatibility problems with your cell phone, something for which there is no solution.

Luckily for the entry it does not ask you for any information or email for registration, so you can rest assured because they will not have any information about you.

How does it work?

As I told you before, Bitcoin Air Drops are disappointing, you just have to drop some tokens and get new ones with new cryptocurrencies that you will find along the way. You do not have any type of help for the games and although they are not very necessary, the lack of these accentuates the simplicity of the design and how much it feels like it was published without being finished first. The entire app is a pretty big disappointment.

Your objective is to throw each token along the track you have on the board, then you must make sure to match them with others that are the same in terms of the symbol they have or the cryptocurrency they represent. Every time you will unlock new cryptocurrencies, although I don’t know if there is any limit or if there is a goal that you must meet. All levels are easy and don’t take you more than a few minutes to finish and move on to the next.

The reward is distributed in coins and you collect these after they appear on the board. Your winnings are automatically added to your balance, although the withdrawal box remains empty.


This is probably the most important point of all, but it’s not far from the most disappointing. It turns out that when you log in you can collect coins and they add to your balance, but they never give you a withdrawal option or payment method . You can play as much as you want and win as much as possible, you will never see those winnings in real life .

Bitcoin Air Drops

Does Bitcoin Air Drops pay?

I’m sorry to disappoint you but no, Bitcoin Air Drops don’t pay, it’s just another waste of time. It is expected that when the time comes the application would give us the option to withdraw using a cryptocurrency and take advantage of our profit, but this never happens because that was not the objective with which it was created to begin with. The application simply seeks to generate income for the creator, no user will benefit. It is best that you delete the app.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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