Bitcoin Bay: Earn Bitcoin, Does It Work Or Is It A Scam? [Review]

Bitcoin Bay: Earn Bitcoin, Scam or Not?

This time we will talk about  Bitcoin Bay: Earn Bitcoin, an  application to earn cryptocurrencies by playing  that is promoted as an  app that does pay . The game looks pretty plain and it certainly is, as it’s also kind of boring. Same as many others. But hey, the important thing is that it really is an  app that does pay  and doesn’t end up as another hoax.

Stay until the end to find out everything and know what to expect. If this is an  app that does pay,  we will not hesitate to tell you so that you can get a  good extra income , the same will happen if it is a  scam application . You can rest assured, we don’t promote applications or studies here, so all the information you can find is honest and you can check it yourself.

Okay, now let’s check out this so-called  earn money gaming app  that I have seen so many times in ads in the past few days. The app was released in December 2021 and was last updated in December of last year. It also already has more than 100,000 downloads and more than 2,000 opinions that are quite positive, but I don’t know if it looks genuine at all.

What is Bitcoin Bay: Earn Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Bay: Earn Bitcoin is a game that, from what you can see in some of its images, it can be said that it is the same as some that we have seen, it is the one in which you have to pop bubbles. The game isn’t difficult at all and it’s certainly somewhat entertaining, so it’s tolerable up to a point. In addition to being an application to earn cryptocurrencies by playing , it seems that it offers a good service (it seems).

I know that it is probably something that you already know how to play and that you get a little bored just thinking that you have to try it one more time, but the important thing is to get the cryptocurrencies for free. The important thing here is that in the end it is a  legitimate and safe application to earn cryptocurrency by playing games , but it does not seem to be so. An  app that if you pay  will never promise you  the reward they show you  because this is simply unsustainable for anyone, many times not even the creator gets to  earn that money .

The interface of this game is quite simple, it has decent graphics that aren’t the wonder of the world either, but at least they don’t interfere with the fluidity of the app. Everything is well organized and easy for users to find.

Bitcoin Bay: Earn Bitcoin

Installation and registration in Bitcoin Bay: Earn Bitcoin:

You can easily find it, you just have to look closely at the name of the studio that created it or at the images to know that you install the correct one. If you can’t find it, you still won’t miss much. Remember that I do not recommend any APK, many times they bring viruses.

This time the registration will be necessary, something that most of the applications to earn cryptocurrencies by playing require of you. For registration you will need a Google account or a Twitter account, you just decide which you prefer.

Bitcoin Bay: Earn Bitcoin

How to play?

When you enter Bitcoin Bay: Earn Bitcoin you will see a small menu from which you can access the game, provided that it at least allows you to enter or register. You see, it seems that registering is an impossible task for many because it always throws an error and if it allows you, then it will stay loading forever and you won’t be able to log in.

If you get lucky you might get a little further and let you do the registration and then select the game. Once you manage to select it, you will be able to see that you have a board on which there are several bubbles and that they are going down until they reach the limit, something that you must prevent. For your part, you will have one bubble per turn and with it you will be able to explode the rest, although for this it is necessary that the bubble has the same color.

The reward will be credited to your account as you pass the level, which will mean a lot of interruption and ads that will completely ruin the gameplay. Just don’t expect much, they will only give you a small amount of Satoshis and it will be difficult to achieve a significant amount.

Application to earn cryptocurrencies by playing - app that does pay


Being an application to earn cryptocurrencies by playing, it is clear that this will be your payment method , so you can request your payment through a Wallet or virtual wallet that supports Bitcoin and does not have a minimum deposit .

Regarding the minimum withdrawal , it seems that it does not exist in this app. Although it is something that is kept hidden until the last moment.

Application to earn cryptocurrencies playing - App that does pay

Conclusion of Bitcoin Bay: Earn Bitcoin:

The truth is, after seeing the errors it presents and how difficult it can be to just register, I think I can tell you that I don’t recommend it at all. The game as such is nothing special, it will not amuse you and if you are waiting for an app that does pay , unfortunately you will not find it here. Bitcoin Bay: Earn Bitcoin is a non-paying app , so don’t waste your time and better continue your search.

If you want to know an  application to earn money playing  that really works, do not hesitate to go to the lists that the blog has and which you can access through the menu or the blog’s own search engine. The names of the lists are the following:  “25 Best Apps To Earn Money” ,  “Best Apps To Earn Money Playing” ,  “Applications To Earn Money Online 2023” ,  “Five Apps To Earn Extra Money”  and  “Applications To Earn Money online” .

If these lists are not enough for you, then you can go to the bottom and find a link to the most extensive list of all, in it you will find more than 50  apps that do pay  and they are all verified. In addition, they all have articles that describe everything in greater detail and tell you  how much money you can earn . To go to it, all you have to do is press its name and it will redirect you there.




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