Black Jack 21: Lucky Time Review: is it a scam?

BlackJack 21: Lucky Time is an app that is advertised on the internet as a platform that does pay. The reality is that this application is fraudulent and does not pay anything it promises. BlackJack 21: Lucky Time lies by claiming in its advertisements that you can make money through it.
The app features several gimmicks to make users stay as long as possible on the platform.
Read the following review and find out how BlackJack 21: Lucky Time deceives people.

BlackJack 21: Lucky Time: is it legit?

BlackJack 21: Lucky Time is not a legitimate app as it displays misleading advertising and does not pay what it promises.

What is BlackJack 21: Lucky Time?

BlackJack 21: Lucky Time is a poorly made app that doesn’t even entertain the player. The platform does not present the typical games you would find in a casino. The app was created by the developer xycasualgames, a brand not well known within the entertainment apps. It is known that all the apps it has created are scams that do not pay a penny to users.
Basically, BlackJack 21: Lucky Time simulates a virtual casino where players must bet chips. The platform also presents other games within the application that are not very related to this gambling theme.
To download BlackJack 21: Lucky Time on your cell phone you just have to search for it in Play Store and you will find it right away. If you do not find it is because the app is not compatible with your device.
The platform does not require registration or user name. This is a negative aspect of the application, since you will not have control over your winnings or your evolution as a player.

How to play?

As a game, BlackJack 21: Lucky Time, has as its goal to get the Jackpot so desired in this type of game. You have to get the number 21,
The game is poorly made and you will have a hard time having a good time while playing. At the bottom you will have some chips that you can select. These chips are equivalent to the money you want to bet, and you should be careful when choosing them. Once you confirm your bet, you will see some cards appear on the board to play. The machine decides for you because it is a game of chance, but this feature makes the game not worth playing.
Every now and then you will read a notice telling you that you have won everything and the truth is that it is highly dangerous. It is a strategy of the game to make you trust, bet more and lose everything or be left with very little inside the app.


BlackJack 21: Lucky Time has a minimum withdrawal of $1000 dollars, which is an excessively high figure for a Play Store app. The payment option for this app is PayPal.
Once you request your payment you must wait three business days to collect it. The platform puts you on a waiting list to receive your money. The only truth is that your money never arrives to your PayPal account because it is all a scam.

Conclusion of BlackJack 21: Lucky Time

BlackJack 21: Lucky Time does not pay because it is a junk app. You should not download this app to your cell phone. If you already have it downloaded you should delete it because it represents a waste of time. Also this junk app will take up space on your device and will waste your battery uselessly.
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BlackJack 21: Lucky Time does not pay.

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