Block Pop Blast, Do You Really Win $1000? [Review]

Block Pop Blast, do you really make money?

I came across an ad for a supposed money making app called Block Pop Blast, similar to Storm Gem. And well, I was slightly surprised when I saw that the developer of this application is also the developer of Storm Gem. So the resemblance made all the sense in the world. This app was presented to me as an opportunity to earn money just by playing the game. The game is very similar to Candy Crush, but with some elements that make it easier. To be honest, the gameplay gets overlooked when an app claims to pay big bucks. So I’ll try the app because of what it became popular, its promise to generate income for us.

Whether the app pays or not is something I’ll find out as I try it out. For now I will tell you that regardless of my decision, I will leave you some lists of applications to earn money at the end of the article. These are, from applications to earn money by walking, to applications to earn money for doing nothing. Simply choose one of the many applications that we recommend. You can choose it based on what you are looking for, since there are certainly apps that pay more than others.

This article is made based on my experience and that of other users with the application. Also do a little research to clarify some facts about the app and its developer.

What is Block Pop Blast?

Block Pop Blast is an app to earn money by playing games released by Ipaid Netpay, the developers of Storm Gem. And I want to anticipate that, Storm Gem turned out to be an application that did not pay. This puts me with very low expectations of Block Pop Blast, but even so, I will not make prejudices. I must keep testing the app and come to an honest and fair conclusion.

This application seemed very similar to Storm Gem for its aesthetics and because it shares a character. The girl that you will see throughout the game is also part of Storm Gem. Of course, this application is much simpler than the previous one mentioned.

Installation and registration in Block Pop Blast:

To install the application we must go to the Google PlayStore and search for it by name. It will appear among the first results, so we will not have complications in finding it. Now, we simply enter and click on install, the app will be downloaded and installed automatically.

When we open the application, you will realize that it has no registration, so we can play as soon as we open it. As I’ve already mentioned in several reviews, this is largely bad. Registration helps us keep our data saved in a cloud. When there are no records, it is most likely that our games and prizes will be eliminated at the first error. Among the reasons why we can lose everything are: losing the cell phone, deleting the application data, uninstalling the application, resetting your cell phone and much more.

I prefer to avoid almost entirely these types of applications. But hey, it is never entirely good to doubt these.

How does it work?

We can play in a simple way, we can see it as a Candy Crush, but simpler. We simply have to touch a color block that is connected to two or more blocks of the same color. That is, if we see a row of 3 or more blocks, we can touch it and eliminate it. If we tap several times in a row, we can perform a combo with which we will activate a bomb. This bomb will destroy several blocks in the gang, freeing us up and giving us more combo opportunities.

Every time we finish a level we will be rewarded with a good amount of money. Which we will accumulate to later withdraw. Basically that’s what the game is based on, of course, we will have tools that can make it easier for us too. The hammer, with which we can break certain blocks. Vertical rocket, with which we can eliminate a complete vertical line. Horizontal rocket, with which we can destroy a horizontal line. And a bomb, with which we can destroy several blocks at the same time.

As you can see, it can be a somewhat entertaining and frantic game, right? Well, for me it was the opposite, a somewhat slow and boring game. It does not have good animations, that takes away a lot, when the blocks disappear the animation is minimal. The appearance of the blocks is rough, which makes it not at all pleasant to look at.


Payments are supposedly available via PayPal and gift cards. But you have to hit unrealistic payment thresholds. Although the worst thing is that people believe it.

If you ever see payout thresholds over $100-$500 and even $1000, don’t trust them as they are probably playing you. This especially if it deals with simple activities such as playing. I see these thresholds as logical when it comes to being a formal job. But for a simple application to pay you those amounts of money, it is not possible at all.

Block Pop Blast Conclusion

Block Pop Blast is free, just like its sister app Storm Gem. It is an application that will simply make us waste time. All the profits we accumulate will be for nothing, as the developers overlook this. They only focus on making users see a bunch of ads, which earn them profit. If you think this is little, they will be constantly making fun of you. Making you see exaggerated amounts of ads, once they run out of reasons to give you ads, they ambush you in another trap. A huge queue of people waiting for their “payment”. When you realize, you will be waiting more than a month for a payment that will never arrive.

Let me know how you liked this review and if you’ve tried the app, let me know how it went with it. If you have any application that you want to recommend, we are at your disposal, I will do the review as soon as possible.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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