Candy Merge – Sweet Puzzle, do you play for money? [Review]

Candy Merge – Sweet Puzzle, is it the new promise of pay to play apps? Or again and as in most cases, are we facing another Scam application?

This application claims to pay its users to play, if you want to know how true this is, stay until the end of the article, because, between the paragraphs, I will be explaining in detail all the dynamics of this game, and whether or not it fulfills what it promises, to pay.

What is Candy Merge- Sweet Puzzle?

Researching this app in depth, we can find basic but not unnecessary information, it has more than 500 thousand downloads, it is suitable for all audiences, from young people to seniors, it is part of one of the creations of Aao Wei studio, which has another application development, but this time we will not talk about it, but about Candy Merge – Sweet Puzzle.

It is important that you continue reading, since I will explain how it works and what the game consists of, which may or may not make you earn money if it is true.

Also, it is important to mention that its last update was on December 6, 2022, very recent and I hope this is to improve the operation, for the benefit of its users, and not for some notorious flaw in the app.

This application is similar to many that we can find on the Play Store platform, similar to Candy Crush, it has the same dynamics, instead of being candy, in Candy Merge, fruits and vegetables are used, all this to feed the animals that will appear at the top of the screen, the idea of this is to create rows or columns of equal combinations of fruits and vegetables, so that when these are found, you go creating points, until you pass the level, after creating the point, fruits or vegetables, will be the food for the animals that I mentioned above.

The more combinations you make, the more points you will be gathering, and therefore and if true, it would mean more cash rewards.

Installation and registration:

It does not ask you for a mandatory registration, as in most cases. You simply download the app, and start playing, it is divided by levels, the fact of not having to register with an email, social network account, or phone number, as I have always said, is a very big plus, and that always or most of the cases, will have an advantage.

As I mentioned, the points are equivalent to cash, so everyone will be responsible for how much money they would like to earn, in case this application is not just another scam.

Payments in Candy Merge – Sweet Puzzle:

There are two ways that the app provides you to make cash withdrawals, the first is in PayPal, it is better known and used by most users who use this type of applications to earn money online, then there is Cash App, there is not as such a minimum withdrawal amount, you can withdraw whatever you are earning, however, you must wait a minimum of 7 working days, which may represent a problem, and in my opinion, generates me distrust, because in that period, an error could occur within the platform, or something like that. And this is only for the withdrawal request to be approved, those 7 days could turn into 9 or more, depending on the day you make the request.

After this, the same app will send you to make money games, in which it will entertain you for a long time, and it could happen that your earnings disappear, everything seems to indicate that this application is scam and does not pay, they are only creators of the heap, who seek to take advantage of its users, without caring if they will take away time that will never return. 


I am sorry to tell you, that this application is a total scam, do not waste your time on it, you will realize that it does not pay, it only makes you lose days and hours using it, it will make you believe that they will pay you, that you can already withdraw your money, and after long days of waiting, your rewards will disappear and will not be returned, it is one more application that seeks to have the scope of Candy Crush, but promising to pay, which will never happen.

If what you are looking for is to find applications that pay to play, I invite you to read the complete blog, because, within it, you can find a list of real apps that fulfill their promise, and which ones are not worth downloading.

Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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