Cash All – Earn Real Money Does It Really Pay?

Cash All – Earn real money – A real app to earn money?

An application called Cash All has become very popular , which ensures you earn money for performing simple tasks and playing games.

Due to past experiences with similar applications, I wanted to try it to verify if it was reliable, and I realized that it does not have opinions published in the Play Store , another reason to be suspicious, there are divided opinions on the web, but I will clarify all doubts, Cash All pay to? Does it really keep what it promises? Today we are going to make it known, come with me to know Cash All and verify if it is an App that does Pay.

What is CashAll?

Cash All is an application distributed by quweihaohaowan (I didn’t make it up, that’s the name) and launched on April 21, 2022, today with more than 100,000 downloads, an enormous number of downloads per month this application has had .

It houses different methods to generate money, such as the typical offers, the wheel of fortune, lucky cards and much more.

How to Install Cash All?

Cash All is available in the Google Play Store for free, to install it simply go to the link at the bottom of the page and press install.

Cash All – Earn Real Money

Earn money in Cash All

How does it work?

At the beginning of the application we will be shown everything that we will have available to generate income, I want to make it clear that we can either combine one method with another or stay with the method that best suits us.

Daily Checkup

Every time we enter the application, we can perform a daily check that will give us earnings, so every day we can earn money with this.

Wheel of Fortune

Here we can spin the wheel of fortune and receive great prizes at random.

lucky cards

Here is a card game where we will have 9 cards to choose from, at the beginning they will show us the prizes that we can win and then shuffle, we have to choose one of the cards and we will receive the prize that it has printed.

Rock, Paper and scissors

The typical game of Rock, Paper and Scissors comes to this application in the form of a bet, we can bet and win double our bet, but the result is completely random, our decision does not count, it is completely random.

Cash All – Earn Real Money

How do they pay you?

When performing tasks or winning games, it will give us Tickets that we can later exchange for real money every 10:00 p.m.

Then, all our funds will be blocked up to 24 hours later, so you have to take advantage of these moments to be able to make the change.

final verdict

My final Verdict is that Cash All is an app that does pay, but it has had some problems making payments, leaving that aside if there are testimonials and proof of payment about this application.

The fact that we can exchange the tickets for real money seems very good to me, but the negative point is that the profits will not be a great thing.

I don’t recommend it 100% but, if you want to try to make money with this application, you are free to do so, since there are high possibilities of making money with it.



If you want to use the application and verify that this information is true, I will leave you the download link below


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