CASH FLAP UP-Win Real Money – Does It Really Pay? [Review]

CASH FLAP UP-Win Real Money – Scam or Legit?

If you are wondering if CASH FLAP UP-Win Real Money is a scam or pay, you have just come to the right place, here I will tell you everything you need to know about the app. Also, if you stay until the end you can find access to some lists that bring together apps that do pay and can help you.

Before continuing with the article I want to remind you that this blog has nothing to do with any study or app. Just like you, we are users, we understand how annoying it is to find a junk app and that is why we want to prevent you from going down that path. If an app is legitimate I will tell you so you can use it with confidence. The same if it is a junk application, I will tell you so that you can discard it and look for other options.

I also invite you to review our other entries, here you can find various articles in which there are complaints about some junk apps that you may have on your cell phone. I invite you to review them all and also to go to the final part of the article, there you can find the names of several lists that bring together apps that do pay. But hey, let’s see if CASH FLAP UP-Win Real Money is a scam or pays.

What is CASH FLAP UP-Win Real Money?

I think that until now I had not seen a game similar to CASH FLAP UP-Win Real Money on this blog or in any advertisement, so at least credit can be given to its creator for trying to innovate in this aspect. Now, the app fails due to the exaggerated amount of ads it has, and it doesn’t matter what you are doing or if you are just going to start a game, a commercial appears out of nowhere and interrupts.

In case you’re wondering, the app was created by DarkinGames , a studio that has published four other apps so far and all of them are promoted as money-making apps. Every advertisement that you can see about an application from this company will be marked by large amounts of money that, according to its creator, you can easily earn, you just have to install the game and play for a few minutes. This is of course a total lie, but as a marketing strategy it works very well.

Whenever you see an application that offers you money and great ease in getting it, it is best to doubt it, it will almost always be a lie. I cannot tell you that all applications of this type are false, but most are certainly false and that is why you were right to ask yourself if CASH FLAP UP-Win Real Money is a scam or pay and look for information.

CASH FLAP UP-Win Real Money

Installation and registration in CASH FLAP UP-Win Real Money:

The application is easy to find because it has a long and specific name, although I recommend that you also check the name of the studio that created it and make sure you install the correct one. If you can’t find it, it may be due to compatibility problems with your cell phone and for this there is no solution, it is best to look for other options.

No registration is necessary to enter, so don’t worry about having to leave any sensitive information on this site.

How does it work?

The operation of CASH FLAP UP-Win Real Money is based solely on pressing your screen and raising the small bird that you will have there. Once you enter you will see a fairly simple menu in which there are only the basics and a button that you must press to start the game. In this game you will not have any help due to its nature, but luckily it is not necessary and you are free to fail as many times as necessary.

Your objective is nothing more than to move the bird and overcome the different obstacles that you may encounter on the track. There really isn’t a goal, you just have to break your own record every time you try and this way you get coins that then go into your account. The game is simple, it only requires patience and synchronicity so as not to end up desperate and jump in on the first try you think you have.

The reward is automatically added to your account every time you finish a game. The amount of coins they give you in each level depends on how many obstacles you manage to overcome. The ads will be present from the beginning and it will not be necessary to win for them to appear, they are everywhere.


You can request your payment only through PayPal, a payment platform that is quite popular and many apps use arbitrarily to gain some credibility. The minimum withdrawal is $1 dollar and no, despite this, the payment is not real.

Once you reach the minimum withdrawal, you get a window in which they promise you your money in 15 or 30 days and then you don’t hear back. Additionally, some of their games ask you for a review in exchange for money, something that is a total lie.

CASH FLAP UP-Win Real Money

Does CASH FLAP UP-Win Real Money pay?

The truth is that no, CASH FLAP UP-Win Real Money does not pay, it is just one of the many junk apps in the Play Store. I understand that due to its strategy and its minimum amount you may think that it is real, but no, it is just a creator who is too skilled at hiding his lies. It is best that you delete the app and look for other options, whether it is a fun game with few ads or an app that really helps you earn money.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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