Cash Monkey – Get Rewarded Now – Scam Or Real? [Review]

Cash Monkey – Get Rewarded Now – Does it really pay?

If you are wondering if you can earn money on Paypal with Cash Monkey – Get Rewarded Now after seeing one of its ads, you have just come to the right place, I will tell you everything you need to know about the app. Remember to read until the end before commenting, perhaps the answer you are looking for is in the article.

Before continuing, I remind you that this blog has no relationship with the app or the studio that created it, we are an independent site. Like you, we are users and we look for applications that really pay, we know how annoying it is to find a junk app and that is why we always seek to help you. I will never hide or lie to you about any results, my goal is to report in the most impartial and sincere way possible. You will always have the truth.

Also, if this application does not convince you or is inept, at the bottom you can find the names of some lists that bring together apps that do pay, check them out. Each of the lists has different applications and although most of them are games, you can find other options that pay you for various tasks. Anyway, let’s see if Cash Monkey – Get Rewarded Now is a scam or really pays.

What is Cash Monkey – Get Rewarded Now?

Well, Cash Monkey – Get Rewarded Now is an app focused on the “Play to Win” theme although it seems to be more interested in advertising itself as an app that pays you for answering surveys. Of course, you will have different options and surveys are one of the ones that stand out the most among all, but it cannot be denied that the majority of people go directly to the games since they not only win money but also have fun and spend time. a while.

From what I could see, this app was created by Rayole Studios, a studio I know quite well as I have reviewed their two other flagship apps: mBucks and RewardZ. Depending on the country you are in, you will have all three apps available or just one of them, but in general you will always have an option with this company. Now, my experience trying their other two apps has been surprisingly positive and if I had to recommend someone an option to earn money from their cell phone, the names of these apps would undoubtedly come up in the conversation.

I still invite you to try it on your own, perhaps your result will not be as positive as the world’s since after all, the offers vary greatly depending on the country in which you reside. Of course, I can assure you that if the app works in your country, you will be able to earn money with Paypal with Cash Monkey – Get Rewarded Now.

Download Cash Monkey – Get Rewarded Now

Installation and registration in Cash Monkey – Get Rewarded Now:

Finding the application can be easy because it has great popularity and a name that stands out, although I recommend that you also check the name of the studio that published it and install the correct one. If it does not give you the option to install, it may be due to compatibility problems or because, as I told you, it is not available for your country.

To enter you must register using your Google account. As a positive point, you can select the language before starting to use it.

Cash Monkey – Get Rewarded Now app

How does it work?

How Cash Monkey – Get Rewarded Now works is quite simple because you just have to select the task you want to complete and carry it out. There are no tricks and there is no confusion either, I only advise you to read the description of each task you take carefully to have clear rules. In addition, the app has a great interface that allows you to find everything easily and quickly from the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen.

To start using the app you just have to go to the box that has the task you want. Remember that you can choose between watching videos, trying apps or games, visiting some pages or answering surveys. Of course, what pays the most are the apps and the surveys and between the two, the most convenient are the surveys because of the time they take compared to the games, even so I leave this decision in your hands. Videos are a way to get quick money if you don’t want to put in a lot of effort.

Your reward is added once you successfully complete the task you selected, you can see it in the box that appears at the top of the screen.

Download Cash Monkey – Get Rewarded Now


You can request your payment through PayPal in most cases, although there will surely be some countries that have different methods. The minimum payment is $1 dollar and if you are lucky, you will most likely get them in your first week there.

Cash Monkey – Get Rewarded Now app

Does Cash Monkey – Get Rewarded Now pay?

For the first time I have a positive answer since I know that you searched if Cash Monkey – Get Rewarded Now was a scam or did it really pay with some fear because it could be a farce, but no, for the first time it is real. Cash Monkey – Get Rewarded Now does pay and it is an option that I invite you to at least try so that you can draw your own conclusions and see if it works well for the region you are in. Maybe if you are not convinced, you can search our lists, there you will have other options.



Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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