Cash Samurai – Earning App – Does It Give You Money?

Cash Samurai – Earning App – Review:

I know you are wondering if it is possible to earn money on PayPal with Cash Samurai – Earning App , but don’t worry, you came to the right place, I will give you all the information about the app so you can determine if it is worth using it or not.

Do not forget that this blog is independent and our only objective is to inform, we do not seek to promote any of the applications we talk about. You can even leave us the name of any application that raises your doubts, I will test it and tell you if it is a real app or just a simple hoax. I also invite you to review our other articles, in them you can find information about other quite popular applications that also offer money.

On the other hand, if this application does not convince you, you can take a look at our lists, there you will find several legitimate apps. You will find the names of the lists at the end of the article, do not forget to review them. Well, now let’s see if it is possible to earn money on Paypal with Cash Samurai – Earning App or is it just another scam.

What is Cash Samurai – Earning App?

Cash Samurai – Earning App follows the same concept as many of the apps to generate money that exist in the Play Store, in it you will only have to try some games and access some offers that allow you to earn extra coins. Of course, this may sound familiar if you have ever looked for an app to make money since many follow this thread, but unfortunately most of them are a lie.

Apps of this type a while ago were synonymous with quality, nowadays you must search carefully or else you will find a junk app. This particular app was created by Object Reference Limited, a studio aspiring to become a platform similar to Airbnb, or this is what their other publication gives us a glimpse of since it is dedicated to property rentals. Anyway, it doesn’t seem to be a studio with much experience in either field and this can end quite badly for us, the users.

If you come across an app that was published by an inexperienced and unreputable studio, it is best to be careful, it is most likely a hoax. It is always better to step away and question yourself, as in this case, asking yourself if it is possible to earn money on Paypal with Cash Samurai – Earning App was a good idea.

Cash Samurai – Earning App app

Installation and registration in Cash Samurai – Earning App:

Finding the app is easy, although I think I remember others with similar names that I reviewed recently, although I couldn’t find evidence of this. I also recommend that before installing it, you also check the name of the studio that created it and avoid confusion.

To enter the app you must register using your Google account, otherwise it will be impossible to use it.

Download Cash Samurai – Earning App

How does it work?

The way Cash Samurai – Earning App works is quite simple and you can notice it as soon as you enter, and it is also quite similar to many other interfaces that we have seen. The main screen will have some games and the names of well-known companies such as BitLabs, there you can find different offers such as surveys, games that pay more or some pages that you can visit to get extra coins.

Each of the companies that advertise in this app are well-known, you can see them on the offer wall of any other similar application. The games will also be old acquaintances and the problem with this is that you must be a new user in any option you install, otherwise you will not have access to the rewards. Now, if you choose to try surveys you will have to complete your profile first, but this does not happen every time.

Your reward is automatically credited to your account, although the waiting time depends on the activity you performed. It may take a few days for gaming winnings to appear on your balance sheet.

Download Cash Samurai – Earning App


The only payment method the app has is Paypal and the minimum payment is $1 , a realistic figure, but somewhat difficult to achieve. I honestly doubt that it is something real due to the inconsistency that you find in the company profile, a creator who pursues an audience of this type is not launching projects related to other themes and then launching a supposed app that pays. From my point of view it is just a marketing strategy.

Cash Samurai – Earning App app

Does Cash Samurai – Earning App pay?

I think I can assure you that Cash Samurai – Earning App does not pay, it is just a scam. There is not a single proof to the contrary and getting the minimum withdrawal is really difficult, so not many users can give a testimony of this, but the few who have achieved it have not left any review because the creator has not done so. allowed, and this is suspicious.




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