Cashy Earn – Play and enjoy ! – An app to earn money? [Review]

Cashy Earn – Play and enjoy ! – Legitimate app or scam?

Today we will review  Cashy Earn – Play and enjoy ! , an  application to earn money online  that is presented as an  app that does pay . This app came out recently and although it can be said that it is popular, it has been making noise for a while and before it takes center stage and deceives users (or helps them), I have decided to create this article and do some more research.

As always, remember that in this article I will only base my opinion and I will not hide anything. If it is an  app that does pay,  I will tell you so that you can use it with confidence. Same thing if it’s just another lie, I’ll let you know so you can save yourself a headache. In addition, in this blog we are dedicated to reviewing apps, we have nothing to do with any study and we are independent users. Just like you, we are users looking for an  app to earn money online  that really works and I know very well how easy it is to find PUAs and how frustrating it is, that’s why I will never recommend anything that doesn’t work.

Besides, regardless of the result, in the end you will have several lists that gather  apps that do pay  and that can help you. All there will be  applications to earn money online  for free and that are proven, this to help you, since we know of the popularity that they have taken for a while and we also know that many creators take advantage of this.

What is Cashy Earn – Play and enjoy!?

Cashy Earn – Play and enjoy ! is a supposed  application to earn money online  that brings us more of the same, since it involves different tasks that we have seen before. I must also warn you that the app not only has old activities that are known, but also has the hateful method to generate income for the creator: constant ads that appear without even announcing and you can’t close them, apart from many of them will be interactive.

But hey, you are probably wondering who created this annoying app and the answer is this: the app was created by  Cashy INC , one that has not been published by any other project. From what I checked it is a relatively new study, but it is impossible to find information about it or its creator. All we have are the ads in which it will always be shown as an  app that does pay , since it is not convenient for it to tell the truth or stop promoting itself as an  application to earn money online  because it would lose the little audience it has.

Honestly, there are many aspects of this app that made the siren go off in my head, and that is that to begin with, it requires you to give a review and this is somewhat difficult to avoid. There is also the fact that it shows commercials that directly promote other supposed  applications to earn money online  that I know are spam apps.

Cashy Earn - Play and enjoy !

Installation and registration in Cashy Earn – Play and enjoy !:

Although it doesn’t look like it, the app is pretty easy to find, but if you want you can also check the name of the studio to make sure you install it correctly. I also recommend you also review the name of the study, with this you will know if it is correct or not.

You must register to access, for this you can use your email, a name and a password. Besides, it forces you to place a number of referrals.

Cashy Earn - Play and enjoy !

How does it work?

Once you enter  Cashy Earn – Play and enjoy !  you come across its main dashboard and that’s where the problems start. You see, in order to access some of the games that it shows you there, it is necessary to have some tickets and these are configured through mini games such as roulette or a scratch card, only for each of these you need to see an ad. It also has limited turns and if you exceed them, you must watch more commercials for it to recharge.

Your goal is supposed to be to play games, have a good time and earn some money along the way  , but it turns out that in the end all this is just an excuse for you to see as many ads as possible. Worst of all, it is the type of ads that seek to sell you a junk app as a  legitimate online money making app  , even when it is obvious from afar that it is not. Anyway, you will have some games that you can select once you get the necessary tickets to start a game, but these are not very interesting and each level will be full of ads.

The  reward  is automatically added to your account, no matter if we talk about tickets or  coins . Besides, as usual, you will be able to see ads to apply for bonuses, but this, in addition to being annoying, does not help at all.

Application to earn money online - app that does pay


You can  request your payment   through  PayPal ,  PayTM  and  Bkash  in case for some reason you know the last platform and have an account there, so select the option that you like the most. The  minimum withdrawal  is not something that is specified, since it only gives a few instructions and shows you the payment methods, but it  never tells you what the minimum withdrawal is  and this may be because they simply  do not plan to pay you ever .

Application to earn money online - app that does pay

Cashy Earn – Play and enjoy !  pay?

Cashy Earn – Play and enjoy ! It is an app that does not pay  and on the contrary, it will keep you there in the hope that you really believe in the payment and thus agree to see every ad that they force you to support. The app is littered with commercials and they don’t even let you know when they’re going to appear, so you can imagine what a nuisance they are. The best thing is that you delete this app and if you really want an  application to earn money online , check our lists of  apps that do pay , there you will surely find one that you like.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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