Click Card 3D: real or fake?

Click Card 3D is a game that is promoted on the internet as a pay-to-play app. The reality is the opposite of what this advertising campaign claims. The app features several gimmicks to catch new users and keep them in the game as long as possible. The following review disproves everything that the Click card 3D advertising campaign says. Read it to the end and find out all the details.

Click Card 3D: is it legit?

Click Card 3D is not a legitimate app, as it does not pay what it claims and uses fraudulent advertising to gain online popularity. As a malicious strategy, the app claims to pay hundreds of dollars just to play, something that does not materialize when it comes to cashing out. Click Card 3D manipulates the idea of making easy money through something entertaining like playing. That is the strategy to attract users. The app has a high rating in the Google Play Store, but these are fake reviews paid for by the developer platform so that the app projects a good image.

What is Click Card 3D?

Click Card 3D is an app created by the developer Dam Nhipy Life, famous for creating fake apps that do not pay. The app is basically a free card game designed for Android phones. The game asks you to match the same number of triple cards. You have to try to make more combined chains and get higher score.
To download Click Card 3D you have to go to Google Play Store and search for it by its name. As there are many apps with similar names, also type the name of the developer, Dam Nhipy Life. If you do not find it is because it is not compatible with your device.
To enter the app you don’t need any registration, you can start playing directly.

How to play?

When you enter Click Card 3D you will see a ribbon that moves the cards on the board. The game also has a table at the bottom of the screen to arrange the cards according to your criteria. The app also has a number of muni-games. Throughout the game you will receive rewards. The game has technical support in case you don’t understand something.

Your job as a player is to form groups of at least three cards that match both in color and number. Pay attention to each card and check the number, as there are colors that may resemble each other. You can also add the cards to the table at the bottom of the screen. There you can place them in any order you wish, as you can then move them on this bar. You must not allow the cards to reach the end of the tape. Every time you get three identical cards together, they will add up and give way to a card with a higher number for you to continue playing and unlocking new, the reward will be distributed in the middle of the game and it is coins.
During the game, the app will offer you to watch advertising videos to multiply your earnings.


When it comes to cashing out your winnings in Click Card 3D you will find the unpleasant surprise that there is no payment method and no minimum withdrawal. The rewards you have obtained in the game are fictitious, as it is all a scam. It is worth noting that the Click Card 3D advertising campaign promotes that the app pays through PayPal, but it is all a fraud.

Conclusion of Click Card 3D

Click Card 3D does not pay because it is a fake app. You should not download this app to your cell phone because it represents a waste of time, and it will only waste space and battery on your device. The real intention of the platform is that you see as many ads as possible for them to earn money, but users will never be rewarded for their time.
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Click Card 3D does not pay.


  1. Yes, and anything supported by “UNITY” is FAKE.
    UNITY doesn’t pay. I accumulated over $10,000 and haven’t seen a dime.
    The Ads suck too. Not sure where these people come from that walk around asking if you need money, and taking your cell phone and downloading something we can’t see. FAKE FAKE FAKE
    At the risk of sounding like a bigot. These Asians are going to bury us in FAKE FAKE FAKE GAMES.
    These games cannot tell PayPal how to run their business. These shouldn’t be telling us your money will be paid directly to your account. This is far from the truth. In fine print, and I always read the fine print. It states:
    AMEN and AMEN
    GOD save the QUEEN.


  2. I’ve downloaded another app by them, but don’t believe them one bit. The only good app I’ve found thus far is “justplay” it doesn’t pay a lot, and it takes a while, BUT they really do pay.

  3. Click Card 3D est une arnaque, ne paye pas et vous demande en plus de payer les frais de transaction
    Click Card 3D is a fake game, don’t pais you and ask you paid transaction fees!

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