CoinCash Pro – Legit App Or A Scam? [Review]

CoinCash Pro – Legitimate or scam?

You may have already seen  CoinCash Pro , a supposed  application  to earn money online  that presents itself as an  app that does pay . The promise is to pay us to play and allow us to withdraw this money, but how true it will be and whether or not we can trust it is something we will review here.

As always, if you want to know if it really is a  paying app  or just another  junk app  read to the end, you will find all the information there. Remember that for this article I will rely solely on my opinion and what I have been able to observe during this time using it. If it’s an  app that pays,  I’ll tell you so you can use it in peace. Same if it’s a  junk app , I’ll tell you so you don’t waste your time on it. We do not promote anyone and we have nothing to do with any studio or app, we are users like you and we are looking for a  legitimate application to earn money online  .

Apart below you will have the names of several lists that gather  apps that if they pay , there are more than 60 options that can help you. All there will be  applications to earn money online , you will have  applications that pay for answering surveys  or performing micro tasks and different  payment methods . They all have various payment methods and withdrawal minimums that allow you to prove they are legit pretty quickly and also help you decide which one you like or works best for you.

What is CoinCash Pro?

CoinCash Pro  is one of the many  applications to earn money online  that allow you to access a wall of offers and, in turn, different games that can give you various points so that you reach your goal faster. The application as such is very simple, it has an extremely simple interface and everything is very well organized. You could even say that it is an application that is just beginning and we assume that some aspects will continue to improve over time.

The app was created by  CoinCash  and this is a study about which it is not possible to find much information on the web. As much as I checked, I couldn’t find any data that would tell us how reliable it is. The fact is that so far he has only published this application and as you can see, he seems to be focusing on the market of applications  to earn money online , so we do not rule out that he will publish more apps of this type in the future. For now we will focus on this project and leave speculation, so let’s continue with what I could find once I tried it.

After all, many successful studios only have one post on their profiles and still have earned the trust of hundreds of users. The most important thing here is that it really is an  app that does pay  and not just another lie.

Application to earn money online - CoinCash Pro

Installation and registration in CoinCash Pro:

The application is not very difficult to find and all you have to do is place its name in the search engine or enter from an advertisement. If it is not compatible with your cell phone, it will not appear and for this there is no solution, so I only recommend that you continue to the next game.

In order to access all its functions and the welcome bonus you must register, you do this through a Google account.

How to play?

Once you enter  CoinCash Pro  you will be greeted by One of the simpliest interfaces I have seen in all this time, there is only some data here and there, but overall it will be very clean. The app does not have many boxes or places that you have to go to, you will find the main offers that are hidden in the wall. You must also give a follow-up permit so that they can calculate the time you play and thus give you your  reward .

You will do everything from the “Home” screen, there you will find the games that are available at that moment and access to the wall of offers. Each game has a description where you can see how many  coins  you get per minute of play and some calculations about how many minutes it would take you to have a certain amount. On the contrary, in the wall of offers you will not find games, there are only some surveys that can be answered and which will have an estimated time so that you know more or less how long it will take and the amount of coins that they are going to give  you  .

The  reward is delivered once you finish each task: if it is about the games, it will be delivered when you finish a game or exit it and if it is a survey, it will be automatically added to your account once you finish.

Application to earn money online - app that does pay


You can  request your payment  through  PayPal  as the only option; this is the most popular payment method and i recommend you to have an account there because most  money earning apps   pay on that platform. The  minimum withdrawal  is  $0.3 dollars  and for this you need to have  1,500 coins . You can also  request payments  for other amounts, the maximum being  $50 dollars  , but it is more difficult to get there and more difficult to get paid.

CoinCash Pro - app that does pay

Does CoinCash Pro pay?

CoinCash Pro is an app that raises many questions for me.  While you may be paying the  initial $0.3  , this may just be a strategy to build trust and keep the user using your app longer, hoping to eventually hit the higher amounts. If so, it would not be something new, since on other occasions I have seen this same strategy reflected and with it they manage to deceive hundreds of users. The best thing is not to risk it and play it safe, something you can do through our  app accounts that do pay .




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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