Crazy Oasis Bonanza – A Game That Pays?  [Review]

Crazy Oasis Bonanza – Does it pay or is it a scam?

If you want to know everything about Crazy Oasis Bonanza and know if it is a scam or really paid, I invite you to read the entire article, I will tell you everything you need to know about the app to determine if it is worth it or not. Don’t forget to also check the end, there I will leave you the name of some lists that can help you get apps that do pay.

Before continuing with the article I want you to know that this blog has nothing to do with any study or application, we are an independent site. Like you, we are users and we understand how annoying it is to encounter junk apps, which is why we want to help you avoid them so that you can focus your attention on projects that are really worthwhile. Our goal is not to promote or promote any of the applications we talk about, you will always find an unbiased opinion.

Also, as I told you before, at the bottom you can find the names of several lists that have apps that do pay, check them out. Most lists have games to earn money, but you can find other options such as apps that pay for answering surveys, etc. Each application has an article in which you can find more information to clear up any doubts. Without further ado, let’s see if Crazy Oasis Bonanza app is scam or paid.

What is Crazy Oasis Bonanza?

I don’t think that at this point the theme of Crazy Oasis Bonanza is a mystery , after all, many slot machine games are presented as an option to win real money and get all the attention of the public, Ivory Reels is just one example. of it. If you have ever looked for another app to earn money you have surely come across a similar game and if I have to guess what your luck was, I would venture to say that you were completely disappointed.

In case you’re wondering, the app was created by Craon Medico, a studio that has not published any other app to date. Reviewing the company profile, I was able to notice that it is a new studio, just starting out, and that it has opted for a more than questionable marketing strategy: offering money as a method to capture the public’s attention. Of course, this is not the first study to do this, but it is striking how the creators can continue lying without any type of punishment.

My advice will always be the same: when you see an application that offers money, it is best to search for information, you can save a lot of time with a simple search. In this case, something surely made you doubt, that’s why you asked yourself if Crazy Oasis Bonanza app is a scam or paid and it was the best decision and something you should always do.

 Crazy Oasis Bonanza

Installation and registration in Crazy Oasis Bonanza:

You can find the application easily, you just have to make sure you write its name correctly and also check the name of the studio that published it, this way you will avoid confusion. If you cannot find it or it does not give you the option to install, it may be due to compatibility problems with your cell phone and there is no solution for this.

Luckily the app does not require any type of registration to enter, you can rest assured at this point.

How does it work?

Once you enter Crazy Oasis Bonanza you will have a board on which there are several images and a button at the bottom, you will have to press it and wait for the best to happen. Since it is a game of chance it is impossible to get help, all you will have are bonuses from time to time and some more than questionable results. The app’s interface is simple and only the boxes in which you can get the bet balance and the reward stand out.

The only thing you have to do in this application is configure the amount of coins you want to bet, you can do this at the bottom of the board. I always recommend that you keep the bet as low as possible, this way you ensure a few more shots and also avoid quickly burning through the welcome bonus they give you. Always keep in mind that in this game the only thing you have is luck and although the apps claim to be impartial, the truth is that you will see how after a while the results only favor them.

The reward is delivered automatically if you manage to succeed in your shot. To do this, you must wait for the app to analyze the result and calculate your earnings if necessary. You will have the option of seeing some ads, but I always recommend avoiding them.


You can request your payment through PayPal, CashApp, PayTM, Tez, Coinbase and Inter , you are free to choose. The minimum withdrawal is $20 dollars and although it is a much more realistic option than what is presented to us in other apps to earn money, it is still a lie.

You can play and reach the minimum payment, but once you achieve it the procedure will be the same as always: waiting is a waiting list and watching ads in exchange for a payment that will never arrive . All is a lie.

 Crazy Oasis Bonanza

Does Crazy Oasis Bonanza pay?

The truth is that no, Crazy Oasis Bonanza does not pay , it is just one of the many junk applications that you can find in the Play Store. Playing in the application is not the most fun in the world and if you add to this the fact that it does not pay, then we are left with an application that is not worth it, it is useless. The best thing is that you delete the app and leave that space free for an app that is really worthwhile and can help you.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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  1. I agree with. I’m getting really pissed off with all these games promising you all this money and then sticking you in a queue after you stupidly do all the things they ask. I’ve been dealing with a lawyer recently, after my mum sadly passed, and I’ve got all these screenshots of the lying scumbags pages telling me what I’ve supposedly won. They don’t want to mess with me, with the mood I’m in just now!!!

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