Crazy WorkLife, Earn Money Just For Touching The Screen? Fake?

Crazy WorkLife – Tap the screen and get rewards in return

For those of you who need extra income , there are several ways to generate cash instantly.

Especially in the modern era with technological advances like today, only with an internet network and a smartphone can you earn money . One app worth trying is Crazy WorkLife , this app is a game that pretends to earn money by completing tasks .

Though recently released, this exciting game has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times. The rating obtained is also quite high, specifically 4.4. Are you curious to try to earn some extra money with the Crazy WorkLife app ? Does it really work? Today we are going to make it known, come with me to know Crazy WorkLife and verify if it is an App that does pay.

Crazy WorkLife

What is Crazy WorkLife?

Crazy WorkLife is a money earning app that has the concept of a game, where users are asked to complete tasks to earn money.

How to Install Crazy WorkLife?

To be able to download the game to earn money created by BoomSoft Studio , it is also very easy to do so, that is, through the official Google Play Store application store .

When the energy is fully charged, players will receive gift boxes in the form of coins , gems , and help items to speed up the game.

These gems and coins can later be converted into real money in the form of an e-wallet .

However, in order to open the withdrawal menu, you must first complete the three tasks described above , namely registering , claiming gift boxes and playing Roulette .

Crazy WorkLife

How do they pay you?

To earn money through the Crazy WorkLife app , you are first required to perform tasks through the withdrawal menu .

This menu can be opened by clicking on the gift box logo icon .

By clicking on the logo, you can later get attractive rewards or additional credits.

Meanwhile, if you want to run a spin wheel mission, namely Spin n Win , players can spin seven times and then open the reward box .

However, to open the Gift Box , players need to tap the screen until the energy is fully charged.

Once the energy has been fully charged, players can automatically find the withdrawal menu .

Then you just need to collect as many coins as possible so that they can be exchanged for electronic wallet balances or cash .

If you want to speed up the game, the developer also provides tools that can be used.

Not only that, players can also get additional coins in other ways, such as entering a friend’s invite code and inviting friends to use this app.

How to Withdraw or Withdraw Money?

In order to withdraw money , you must first have one of several eWallets supported by this app, namely Gcash , DANA , PayPal , and Payeer .

If an electronic wallet is available, make a withdrawal in the following ways:

  • Open the app and press the Remove menu
  • Select the desired withdrawal method
  • Under Withdrawal Advice, put a checkmark and then click the OK button
  • Enter the phone number or email address that has been registered in the e-wallet
  • Select the amount of money you want to withdraw
  • Click the Redeem Now button
  • Finish

The minimum withdrawal that can be made is 5000 coins.

Withdrawals generally take approximately 7 business days.

final verdict

My final verdict is that because this game is available on the Google Play Store , its safety can be said to be guaranteed.

In addition, the working system that does not require users to make deposits is also strengthened if this game is really safe to use.

Before there was no evidence of payment for this app, but as time went by, it was proven that the payments are real , in any case, people doubt the veracity of this information.

If you are curious to try it, there is nothing wrong with downloading right now because this game is free and has minimal risk.



If you want to use the application and verify that this information is true, I will leave you the download link below:


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