Deal To Be A Millionaire – Legit App Or Scam?  [Review]

Deal To Be A Millionaire – Does It Really Pay?

You may be wondering if Deal To Be A Millionaire is a scam or really pays and luckily you came to the right place, I will tell you everything you need to know about the app to determine if it is worth it or not. Remember that for this article I will base it solely on my opinion, the blog has nothing to do with the app.

Before continuing, I want to make it clear to you that this blog has nothing to do with any studio or app, we are an independent site. Like you, we are users, we are looking for an app that really pays and we know how annoying it is to find a junk app, which is why we seek to help you. If an app is legitimate I will tell you so you can use it with confidence. The same if it is a junk app, I will tell you so you don’t waste your time on it and look for other options.

Also at the end of the article I will leave you the name and access to several lists that bring together apps that do pay, check them out. Each list has different applications and they have all been verified by us, we know that they are safe and you are paying. Most are games, although you can find other options. Anyway, let’s see if Deal To Be A Millionaire app is a scam or paid.

What is Deal To Be A Millionaire?

Deal To Be A Millionaire app is another game with a theme that I can’t understand well, I only know that you have to choose some briefcases, get money and then negotiate with the bank, what I don’t know is for what or what the benefit is. Anyway, it is not the first game of this type that I have come across, a while ago I reviewed a similar one ( Million Golden Deal ), and it ended up being a total lie despite the fact that it is promoted as a legitimate app.

In case you’re wondering, the app was created by Niceteen Games, a studio I came across a while ago because I reviewed another of their games, one that was actually quite similar to this one: Million Deal: Win Million. So far the company has published 6 other games and although most of them are simple copies of other copies, these two stand out for going down a somewhat different path. Also, apparently they are the only ones that offer money to users in exchange for installing and playing them.

Maybe this promise doesn’t matter much because as I said, a while ago I reviewed one of their games and it ended up being an absolute waste of time. If one thing is certain, it is that any game published under the Niceteen Games label is a sham.

Deal To Be A Millionaire

Installation and registration in Deal To Be A Millionaire:

Finding the app may be somewhat complicated because it can be confused with other similar apps, so it is best that you also check the name of the studio that created it and avoid confusion. If you cannot find it or it does not give you the option to install, it may be due to compatibility problems with your cell phone and there is no solution for this.

To enter, it is not necessary to make any type of registration, you just have to enter and play normally.

How does it work?

How the Deal To Be A Millionaire app works can be a bit confusing, especially since there are no instructions and the rules of the game are not clear, but don’t worry, I will explain it to you as best I can. To start you have a dashboard with some options, you can select the one you want since in my experience, this does not influence much.

After this you must select one of the briefcases that you will have to keep until the end of your game, then you can start selecting any of the other briefcases until the game itself takes you out of this cycle. At some point you will receive a call from a bank that wants to negotiate with you, although I don’t understand what the intention of this is, the fact is that you can reject or accept the proposal. If you accept it, they will give you the money they agreed to at the beginning, if you reject it, you will keep what the first briefcase contained.

The reward is delivered once you finish the entire round and you can see it reflected in the winnings box. You will have ads as always, although they will not appear as often as in other apps and they will not appear while eating either.


I’m sorry to disappoint you if you’re looking to generate money from your cell phone because this game simply won’t help you do that. You don’t have a withdrawal box, payment method or anything similar because it’s all a trick. A staging for you to install the game.

You will never receive a single peso from this app , it is just an ordinary game.

Deal To Be A Millionaire

Does Deal To Be A Millionaire pay ?

Again, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but it’s best for you to know the truth, Deal To Be A Millionaire doesn’t pay, it’s just a junk app. This game was published with the sole intention of generating income for its creator, but no one else will benefit. You can play all you want and win money, but the reality is that you will never be able to withdraw it. The best thing is that you delete the app, look for other options and start generating extra income every month.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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