DigiWards App: does it really pay

DigiWards is an application that will pay you to play mobile games and participate in the other paid task options. This platform is a legitimate application because you can earn money from the opportunities it provides. In DigiWards you will earn points from the earning tasks presented by the platform. You can then use the points you have earned to cash out various rewards. The payment methods available are different in each country, but the most common option worldwide is PayPal. You will be able to withdraw your balance starting from $2 dollars. Each dollar is equivalent to 10000 points. The DigiWards payment system is quite simple whichever method you choose.

DigiWards: is it legit?

The DigiWards app is a legitimate platform because you will be able to earn money with the earning options offered.
Keep in mind that DigiWards is an app for mobile devices only, so you can’t use it on a desktop computer. You will need to use a mobile device to earn money with DigiWards.

What is DigiWards?

DigiWards is a platform that allows you to earn money from your cell phone. The application is available on both Android and iPhone. The platform is completely legitimate and is currently paying.

How to earn money

DigiWards is a platform that allows you to earn money in four different ways: solving captchas, completing offers, playing games and a referral system.

-One of the ways to earn with DigiWards is by solving captchas. However, this opportunity is a competition between you and another Digiwards user, you can compete with other users and solve as many captchas as possible in one minute to earn more money, you will need to use a ticket to work on this earning option. You will be given 20 free tickets when you register, but you will make more tickets by doing short tasks.It is a very good way to earn money, but there is no guarantee that you can earn a lot of points with it. You must be very fast at solving captchas to earn a considerable amount of points for it to be a good source of income.

-The second way to earn money is by completing offers. These paid offers usually ask you to answer surveys and questionnaires, watch videos, play other mobile games, and sign up for websites or mobile apps. Each offer will have a set of instructions that you must follow. Make sure you don’t skip any steps because if you do, you won’t be able to finish the offer and you won’t earn anything. DigiWards presents five walls of offers to work with. This is a good possibility to earn money easily.

-The third way to earn money in DigiWards is by playing games. You can earn money by playing other mobile games. Simply log into the application and click on the Playtime option. This will take you to the Playtime platform. You will see all the featured mobile games you can play on this platform. Each game will tell you how many points you can earn from it. All you have to do is install the game you like. This is great because this is how Playtime will be able to track and award you the right amount of points. You will get the stipulated amount of points every time you gain a level in your game.When you have reached the highest number of points, you will stop receiving rewards if you level up. Then, if you want to maximize your earnings, you should play a different game.

-The fourth way to earn money in DigiWards is through a referral system. You have to invite people to the application by sharing your invitation code. When they register in the application and give your code, you will receive 1000 points as a reward. You will also get 250 coins instantly and you will receive a 20% commission every time your referral completes a paid offer from your offer walls. It’s a great way to earn passively, but be sure to invite people interested in actively participating in the platform.

Conclusion of DigiWards

DigiWards is a legitimate money making application and is currently paying.
Sign up for the app and start earning money right now.




This app is paying right now.

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