Exnova – Mobile Trading App – Does It Work Correctly? [2024]

Exnova – Mobile Trading App – Review:

Possibly we have all wondered if Exnova – Mobile Trading App works correctly after seeing it in an advertisement, but there is no way to know this unless we try it on our own and in some cases this is impossible. If you want to know all the information about the app and know the answers you are looking for, I invite you to read until the end.

Before continuing with the article I make a small disclaimer since the objective of this writing is not to promote the app or the platform in any way. We do not recommend investment apps or give financial advice, we only do reviews, so if you like what you read and decide to try the app on your own, it is better to look for information on a safe site and create a demo account before starting to use it. operate. If you look at our articles you will see that they are focused on apps that supposedly pay, but brokers are not our forte.

That said, I take this opportunity to invite you to review our lists, their names will be at the end of the article and they will give you the names of several apps that allow you to generate extra income by playing and performing micro tasks. Anyway, let’s see if Exnova – Mobile Trading App works correctly or is just another illusion.

What is Exnova – Mobile Trading App?

Exnova – Mobile Trading App is a broker where you can operate different markets and currencies. Basically you can trade and make money, although first you should know that it is a high-risk task. If you have never tried or done trading, I recommend that you seek information, know the subject well and create a demo account to practice, so you can know if this is for you without the need to risk money.

This particular app was created by Digital Smart LLC: Trade & Invest, a company that appears to have several investing and trading apps on its profile. Personally, this detail caught my attention a lot since in the past I have seen companies that have a name in the world of trading and when entering their profiles in the Play Store they only had a publication of the same name as their page or brand, I had never seen one of these profiles publish apps with different names, although with the same focus.

I’ll tell you anyway that I checked and if it is a legitimate app, so there is nothing to distrust, we only have the detail of seeing if it is regulated or not because I could not find this information. If it is not regulated, I recommend that you look for other options since if you end up losing money, no one will answer you for it.

Exnova – Mobile Trading App

Installation and registration in Exnova – Mobile Trading App:

Finding this app is quite simple, I only recommend that you also check the name of the company that created it and avoid confusion or fraud. If it does not give you the option to install, it may be due to compatibility problems with your cell phone or because trading is prohibited in your country of origin.

To register you must provide your email, password and country of origin, then answer other more personal questions that are common on this type of platform. You can also log in from your Google or Facebook account, although this won’t save you from questions later.

Download Exnova – Mobile Trading App

How does it work?

Once you enter Exnova – Mobile Trading App you will find a well-organized interface that allows you to access the different functions and markets with just one click. If you are a recurring user of this type of app, you will know very well how it works and you will not need many instructions, while if you are a new user in this world, I recommend that you clarify it in the registration so that they allow you to open the demo account.

With this broker you will be able to access different markets and currencies from around the world, so you will surely have access to the market you are looking for to start trading immediately. The app works according to the schedules of the international stock exchanges, something that you will know if you have experience. In the comments of the app I saw quite a few criticisms of the appearance of the app since to begin with, it does not allow the screens to be organized according to the taste of each user and there are functions that only work in its web version.

It is a reliable platform, yes, but it seems that it still needs a lot of work and focus to offer a complete experience to its users. If you like, you can try the web version, there you will have greater comfort.

Download Exnova – Mobile Trading App


You can make your deposit through PayPal or bank transfer, while withdrawals can be made through bank transfer, NetellerSkrill, among others. The minimum deposit is $10 dollars and the minimum payment is $50 dollars.

Withdrawals are made in 7 business days, although some users report delays and problems when requesting payments through the app. I recommend that you do any withdrawal through the website to avoid all this and write to support in case of any problem.

Exnova – Mobile Trading App

Does Exnova – Mobile Trading App work?

The truth is that yes, Exnova – Mobile Trading App works and is legitimate, but it still has a lot to improve and offer to users, it is best that you try it on your own and draw your own conclusions. Don’t forget to leave us in the comments what your experience was, this will help us improve the article and will help other users to have a clearer idea about what they can find there. Remember that we are not financial advisors and this article was made based on our experience.



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