Falling Flush: Merge Cubes, Do You Earn Money Playing? [Review]

Falling Flush: Merge Cubes, do you really make money?

Falling Flush: Merge Cubes is an app I came across while trying out a supposed money making app. In their advertising I could see that it is a tile matching game and that they offer us some really big rewards. This set off alarm bells for me as offering thousands of dollars so lightly is not a good thing. So I decided to test the application and investigate everything around it. So let’s check if it’s a paying app or if it’s just another junk app.

At the end of the article you will find some lists of apps that do pay and that can be very useful to you. You will find many ways to easily generate income with applications. For example, we can earn money for just walking, playing, listening to music or installing other apps. So I invite you to enter the lists if Falling Flush: Merge Cubes does not turn out to be what you are looking for. 

This article is based on my experience and research on Falling Flush: Merge Cubes. Everything I say is written on a solid and verifiable basis. In case you doubt what I say in the article, I invite you to try the application on your own. So you will have your own perspective of the app and you can leave us your opinion in the comments.

What is Falling Flush: Merge Cubes?

Falling Flush: Merge Cubes is an app to earn money by playing games released by Dam Nhipy Life on May 31, 2023. It is a typical matching game where we will have to mix identical tiles to form one with higher value. The truth is that I really like some of them as entertainment, but most of them disappoint me when it comes to earning money. This is because the developers only think about monetizing the app for themselves and completely forget about the people who download the app.

I’m still going to review Falling Flush: Merge Cubes and see if the app is really worth the money. It should be said that despite the distrust I have in it, it has the ratings activated and has a 4.4-star rating. In addition to this, it has more than 5,000 downloads less than a month after its release.

Installation and registration in Falling Flush: Merge Cubes:

To install this application we will only have to search for it by name in the Google Play Store. We will find it among the first results, once inside the download page we can give it to install. The download and installation will be done automatically, so all you have to do is wait for them to finish.

It does not have any registration, so you can enter directly into the application without any form to fill out. I see this as something negative, since it can mean not having support or saved data, that is, you can easily lose everything you have done within the application.

How does it work?

I had a good time without reviewing games of this style, the truth is a very simple modality. Chips with different logos (Poker) will appear at the top of the screen and we must place them at the bottom. We can drag the tab to where we want to throw it. Our goal is to combine two tiles with the same symbols and form a larger tile. The more we mix tiles, the more score we will have, this triggers that there are more profits.

We will have different enhancers that will help us remove tiles or move them from place. All this to have advantages and ways to solve games that are difficult. Although you won’t have any problems for the most part, the game is simple as far as it goes.


The payouts are somewhat surprising to see for the first time, but at the same time, something really worrying. These are made through the PayPal payment method, and the minimum amount is quite curious.

To be able to withdraw the accumulated in the application you have to reach the goal of $1000. Yes, the application assures you that you can get that amount of money just by playing with it. I can say that the objective is not that difficult to achieve within what is possible.

Does Falling Flush: Merge Cubes Pay?

Without a doubt Falling Flush: Merge Cubes is an application that does not pay, it simply deceives its users. The $1000 goal by itself is a very bad sign, as apps that offer such earnings do not honor the payments. This is because the advertising that users see does not give the profits to meet them. In addition to each time they will give you fewer rewards so that reaching the retirement goal takes longer. A very dirty move that makes users feel compelled to spend much more time on it. Definitely, I do not recommend this application even for entertainment.

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If you have any opinion or recommendation you can leave it in the comments. We will read all your comments.


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