FameUp, make money with your followers?

FameUp, make money with your followers?

FameUp, the application that will help you achieve your goal of growing in social networks? If you ever had the dream or goal of working, or earning money, services, or simply growing your social networks, this article is for you, since you came across my review for a reason, so keep reading, and discover what this application has to offer you.

If you are a microinfluencer, or would like to get started in the world of social networks, this article is made for you.

What is FameUp?

This is an app, which will help you make money with Instagram, its strategy is to connect you with brands, product owners, stores or even others and other influencers, in order that both parties get a mutual benefit, either through mentions, exchange of services and even cash.

The positive thing about this application is that it does not make you have to put your own money to get started, so it is a plus point for the platform.

As I already mentioned, in FameUp the payments are not exactly money, but what you are mainly looking for, on the one hand, is to grow your brand, and on the other hand, to obtain services, or grow your profile.

The dynamic is to exchange products in exchange for the user to mention your business in social networks, and thus grow both. You don’t need to have a large number of followers to be able to start on the platform, however, there are some specifications that later, I will show you.

Installation and registration in FameUp:

FameUp is available on Google Play, and you simply need to download it. It has more than 100,000 downloads by users mostly teenagers, I could not find information about its creator, which seems a little strange to me.

Its operation is reduced to create connections between local or national brands, and people looking to benefit in exchange for products and services, you only need to have a minimum of 500 followers on Instagram, which today is not very complicated, thanks to the culture of social networks.

You need to have the following requirements:

– Public Instagram profile.

– You must have a 5% share on your profile

– You must have made at least 3 posts in the last week before creating your Instagram account.

– Your profile must have a minimum of 100 images.

Available on Google Play and App Store.

Payments in FameUp:

As I mentioned before, the payments are not exactly in cash, but they are as we usually call “trueque”, since we exchange something that we can offer, for what the other part, can offer us, this in a good opportunity, if we are growing little by little in social networks, or if you are lucky, find something you were looking for, make the deal and not have to pay a peso, because the local business agreed to exchange their service, for ours.

As I mentioned before, the app is the conduit or connection, to help us find the business that best suits our needs at the moment, and we will be the ones who will decide whether to make the deal, that suits us so much, etc.

We must be careful and always check the veracity of the business before closing a deal, to be sure that it is real, that we are not being cheated, or something like that.


If you like the world of Instagram, collaborations, you’re outgoing and you don’t shy away from the camera or sharing your daily life, this is for you. This app does what it offers, however, and as I said, you should be careful with whom to make deals, because as FameUp, does not involve money, but it connects you with those who will provide you with a reward, you must be careful not to fall into fraudulent plans and contracts, because in that case, you can not do much.

It is a recent application, they gave them maintenance to possible recent failures, however, does not mean that it is in development, I wish you success in the plans that you are going to undertake, always with the utmost care and paying attention to the red lights that are presented to you.

If you want to use the application and verify that this information is legit, I will leave below the download link:



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