Field Agent, Legit Money Earning App? [Review]

Field Agent, Does it really pay or is it Scam?

I have recently seen Field Agent , an application to earn money online that is an app that does pay . And yes, I’m telling you from the beginning because I’m sure of it and I know it’s a very interesting option, so stay until the end to find out all the details.

Remember that also at the end of the article you will also find some lists that gather apps that do pay as you are and that are very varied. You can find from an application to earn money for playing to an application to earn by answering surveys , it’s all a matter of looking for the activity with which you feel most comfortable.

Before continuing, do not forget that we are independent, we are looking for an application to earn money online just like you. We have nothing to do with this or any application, nor are we committed to any study that we speak of. If an app does pay we will tell you the same as when we find a junk application .

What is Field Agent?

Field Agent is an application where you can give your opinion about certain products and test them before a certain public. In itself, this app is used to give your opinion and help some marketing studies, but it is not like other applications to answer surveys . Field Agent is much more dynamic and even has tasks that you have to do away from home, although this is optional.

The truth is that as an application to earn money online it is not innovative at all because it is a concept that has been seen before, but the important thing is that it always seems to work. Most of the apps that do pay always deal with a topic similar to this and this undoubtedly also gives a piece of peace of mind. If you want to install it you can do it with complete confidence.

Although this application was created in June 2022 and it can be said that it is a recent app, the truth is that it already has more than 1 million users who support it. As data, you must take into account in which countries they work, since in Latin America it is somewhat limited.

Field Agent

Installation and registration in Field Agent:

The application has a fairly unique name, so you won’t have much trouble searching for it and you will find it. If you can’t find it, it may be because it doesn’t work in your country or because it’s not compatible with your cell phone. In the same way you will have the link at the bottom, there you can check what happens.

To register you will need an email and a password or a Google account. Also, then you have to write data such as your age and gender, among other things.

Field Agent

How does it work?

The operation of Field Agent is as simple as entering, registering and after that you can start reviewing the different tasks that are available in your city. For this you need to give it access to your location and in this way it will be able to more accurately calculate the place where you are and the brands or sites that are nearby.

During the day several tasks will appear among which you can find a small questionnaire about a brand or how to take a photo of a certain product and even on some occasions you will have the possibility of going to buy a product, but with the ease that the app He will pay you what it costs and give you a surplus for completing the mission.

In general, the reward will take a while to be delivered after each mission, but this does not mean that you will not get paid . Your payment will always be reflected in your account and you can get a list of the missions you’ve done and how much you’ve been paid , so you don’t lose a single peso .


I’m sorry to tell you that you can request your payment only by bank transfer . To do this you must go to settings and write your account number. The minimum withdrawal is $3 and payments are made every Wednesday and Friday. You must have your balance to withdraw at least 24 hours prior to payment .

Field Agent

Field Agent Final Opinion:

Look, the truth is that Field Agent is a great option to generate extra income . It has very dynamic options and is entertaining. Besides, there will be occasions when you buy a product and it will be practically free because the app will take care of paying you what it cost you and rewarding you for completing your tasks. Field Agent if you pay , install with confidence.

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Also below, at the end of everything you have a link that takes you to the most extensive application of all. Each application that is on that list is verified and each one has an article in which we tell you in greater detail about each aspect of it. If you have any questions or app that you want us to review, leave it in the comments.



If you want to use the application and verify that this information is true, I will leave you the download link below:

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