Fitmint: Get Paid For Walking – Do You Make Money For Walking?

Fitmint : Get paid for walking – App:

If you’re wondering if Fitmint : Get paid for walking is a scam after seeing it in an ad, you’ve come to the right place, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the app. Don’t forget to read the entire article.

Before continuing, I remind you that for this article I will be based solely on my experience, I am not seeking to promote the application in any way. The objective of this blog is only to inform other people since we understand how annoying it can be to find junk apps, which is why we seek to help you avoid them. No matter what the results of the apps are, we will never tell you lies since another of the blog’s objectives is to be impartial.

Also, if this app does not work, you can check our lists, there you will have several applications that are paying and can help you generate income. All the applications in those lists are paid and safe to use. Anyway, let’s see if Fitmint : Get paid for walking is a scam or it really works.

What is Fitmint : Get paid for walking?

It is more than evident that Fitmint : Get paid for walking is an app to earn money by walking, the real question here is whether it pays or is it just another scam. To find out the answer to this question, I used the app for a while and although at first it was somewhat confusing, I can assure you that after a while you understand how it works and in which boxes you should check your tasks and goals.

This app was created by Fitmint, a study that seemed to remember another occasion, although I am not sure that this was the case. The company to the member has published two other apps and apparently they also offer money to users for using them, although none of them have achieved the success that Fitmint has achieved. Honestly I don’t trust this company much due to their track record, I still decided to try the app for a while and see what the results were.

These types of apps are nothing new, especially when it comes to offering money to users, so it is always best to be careful and look for any information that can help us know if it is worth it or not.

Fitmint : Get paid for walking app

Installation and registration on Fitmint : Get paid for walking:

Finding this app is really simple, to do this you must search for it by its full name and if possible check the company name, this way you will avoid any confusion. If it does not give you the option to install, it may be due to compatibility problems with your cell phone since it is available to everyone.

To enter you must register using your Google account or an email. Unlike other apps, here they will not ask you for your weight, height or data of this type.

Download Fitmint : Get paid for walking

How does it work?

As always, the main thing will be to find a goal and start walking and Fitmint : Get paid for walking is no exception to this. For the app to count your steps you must activate Google Fit and synchronize the two apps, otherwise it will not matter how many steps you take, none of them will be counted. Additionally, at the bottom of the screen you have a menu where you can navigate through the entire app and review some tournaments that are in progress.

The daily goal will vary depending on the tournament or challenge you choose, you can see this in the box called “Challengers”. Once you choose what your challenge will be, the only thing left to do is walk as much as possible during the day since unlike other apps, there is no option here to generate extra income by playing or access bonuses. Even the app is ad-free most of the time, so you have to take the walk seriously or it won’t be possible to reach the minimum payment quickly.

Your reward is automatically added to your balance every time you complete one of the challenges and pass it successfully. If you do not manage to exceed the figure they ask of you, you will have to register for another competition and start from scratch.

Download Fitmint : Get paid for walking


You can request your payment through Polygon or USDC, to do this you must add a wallet or create a new one in your profile section. Once you manage to create the wallet you will have to wait for a while until it is active to start processing withdrawals.

Fitmint : Get paid for walking app

Fitmint : Get paid for walking pay?

I think this is one of the apps that has started the best, yet it was not saved from being a total hoax, Fitmint : Get paid for walking it doesn’t pay. No matter how hard you try, you will never make an income walking on this app, the project seems to have stopped at one point and from there everything has been just promises. The app was published more than two years ago and still does not have comments from the public or a forum on the web that talks about it, so we can see that it was a simple disappointment.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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