Fruit Break – Does It Pay You $50 To Install It?

Fruit Break App – Review:

You may wonder if Fruit Break is a scam or paid after seeing it in an advertisement, this is normal and luckily you came to the right place. I recommend you read the entire article if you want to know all the information and know if it is worth it or not.

If this is your first time entering the blog, I invite you to review our other articles. Of course, after reading this one, in them you will find reviews about other applications that also offer money. The objective of this blog is to help and inform users about the various options to generate money from their cell phones through apps, as well as warn about junk apps that exist on the market. No matter what the result, you can find an honest opinion in every article.

Also at the bottom of the article you can find the names of several lists that bring together apps that do pay, check them out. Each list has different applications that can help you generate extra income, either by playing or performing different tasks. Ok, now let’s see if Fruit Break is scam or really pays.

What is Fruit Break?

Fruit Break is a fairly simple game, although not very innovative, it can still fulfill the task of distracting you for a while and if you add to that the fact that we are going to win money, it seems that there is no better option than this. Once you enter you will find a well-programmed and polished interface, although it is a little slow, or at least this was my experience, then we can start earning money.

The app was created by Triple Click, a studio that has three other published titles. Apparently all their games address well-known themes and could easily be confused with apps from other companies, except Fruit Break since not only is it now another type of game but it also offers money, but this seems a little suspicious. There have been many times that I have come across a company that gets tired of failing and as a last attempt creates an app that supposedly pays, in this way it gets users and makes them see as many ads as possible.

No game that offers you money is reliable, you should always look for information on impartial sites. Asking yourself if Fruit Break app is scam or paid was a good idea and you should always do it.

Fruit Break app

Installation and registration in Fruit Break:

Although it may not seem like it, finding this application is quite easy and you can see it among the first positions in the list of results. Before installing the app, I recommend that you also check the name of the company that created it and avoid confusion. If it does not give you the option to install, it may be due to compatibility problems with your cell phone.

You should not make any registration when entering, you can rest assured at this point.

Download Fruit Break

How does it work?

Basically the only thing you have to do once you enter Fruit Break is select the room you want to start in and press the only unlocked level, then they will give you a few seconds to better understand how it works before starting the game. You can consult the instructions in the main menu, there is a question logo that explains everything you need. You can also find some account settings.

The game only consists of throwing some beads that act as ammunition, with the aim of destroying the blocks that are on the screen. Each block has a number on its visible face, this corresponds to the number of times you must touch them for them to break, something you can achieve with just a few turns. All levels put blocks in different places, it just increases the number of times you have to hit them to win.

Your profit is reflected in the box that appears at the top. Each hit adds some coins and luckily, the fact that you lose does not matter since the coins are added to the official balance in the middle of the game.

Download Fruit Break


You can request your payment through PayPal, although I do not know the minimum withdrawal . If you have this information, I would appreciate it if you left it in the comments, I will be reviewing them.

Now, I don’t need to know the minimum payment to notice that this is a complete lie. No matter how much you play, you will never get paid .

Fruit Break app

Does Fruit Break pay?

I know you were hoping for a positive response, but Fruit Break doesn’t pay. If you want to make money by playing you will have to look for other options because this one does not work, the income it generates goes directly to the creator’s pocket. I understand that companies seek to make an app profitable and launch advertisements in order to attract the public, but it is not fair that they continue to deceive people. Let’s hope Google does something at some point.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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