Fruit Survival – An App That Pays? Is It Scam? [Review]

Fruit Survival – Does it pay?

Possibly you have already seen Fruit Survival , a game to earn money from our cell phone that promises to have fun while generating a little extra income each month. This of course is not a new promise and that is why I have been reviewing the app and I will tell you everything I found.

Check till the end if you want to find out if Fruit Survival really works or is it just another lie. Remember that for this I will base it solely on my experience, since we have nothing to do with any study or app. We are users just like you and we understand how annoying it can be to find so many PUAs , so we want to help another user so they don’t waste their time. If an app is legitimate I will tell you without any problem. The same if it is a junk app.

Also at the bottom you can find the names of several lists that gather apps that do pay. The lists are full of games, but this does not mean that it is the only thing you can get there, you can also find survey apps and micro tasks. Go through them and find your favorite, but while you’re at it, let’s check whether Fruit Survival pays or not.

What is Fruit Survival?

The truth is that I misjudged Fruit Survival a bit and before trying it I thought it was just a puzzle game like many others we’ve seen, but this is not the case. In fact, I must admit that it is a quite entertaining game and that it can easily get you hooked, plus the fact that it is easy to play and the ads it shows are minimal. Everything seems to be fine, but there is a small detail that ruins everything and later you will find out what it is.

The app was created by LuckyAnt Studio and although it is not a highly recognized studio, it has been gaining strength due to its good marketing decisions and its commitment to users. The studio has so far released another app. This is another game to earn money from your cell phone and in case you’re wondering, yes, it really works, but I’ll talk about it in another article. The important thing is that it seems that they want to do things correctly and this adds points.

Its audience is getting bigger and bigger and so far there don’t seem to be any complaints, just some errors that the app presents and that can leave you out of the game, but we hope they will solve them soon. At the moment it seems to be quite reliable.

Game to earn money - earn money from your cell phone

Installation and registration in Fruit Survival:

Although it may not seem like it, it is an application that is easy to find. It is enough that you write your name correctly in the search engine and it will appear among the top positions. If the app does not appear, it may be due to a compatibility problem, something for which there is no solution.

Registering does not seem to be mandatory or at least it is not the first option that they show you once you enter, but you can do it through your Google account. The app is secure, so there should be no problem if you link your account.

Game to earn money - earn money from your cell phone

How does it work?

Well, Fruit Survival works in a very different way than a puzzle would and in fact it is a somewhat new game that can be quite entertaining, but we are going in steps. The first thing is to enter and there you will receive a menu and some instructions so that you can better locate yourself. You must hit the “Play” button and the game will start, in it you will not have many aids and you will only be able to get some improvements each time you pass the level.

Your goal is to drive an avatar that seems to be a professional chef who for some reason ended up in the middle of a bunch of fruits that want to attack him. You can move the chef by passing your finger across your screen, at the same time he will be handling what is a kind of knife and with this you will be able to keep the fruits at bay. Each level you clear will be an opportunity to equip yourself with an item that can help you pass the level more easily. Especially when the fruits are too many and attack time.

The reward is accumulated in the middle of the game and you can always see it in the upper right part of your screen, there they will keep the account. They will be some tickets that add up and luckily it is not mandatory to see ads to get them.

Game to earn money - earn money from your cell phone


You can request your payment via PayPal , GCash, Payeer, DANA , TRX and SPE , so just select the one you like or have an account with. The minimum withdrawal is the same in all the options and it is about $0.7 cents for those who need about 10,000 coins . There are other amounts you can consider, too, but just a little hard to come by.

So far everything sounds very good, the problem comes because on some cell phones the PayPal logo does not appear or it appears intermittently, that is to say: one time it appears and the next time it doesn’t. From what I know, its payments are true , but this detail is very annoying for anyone and you may want to consider whether to really use it or better look for another option.

Game to earn money - earn money from your cell phone

Does Fruit Survival pay?

It can be said that yes, Fruit Survival pays , only that it may present some bugs that prevent you from making the withdrawal and this can be a bit annoying. If you like the game then that’s fine, it can be an excellent option to earn money while having fun, but if not, I don’t think it’s worth playing it and waiting to see if it allows you to withdraw or not. Using it is in your hands, I’m just telling you what I found.



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