Gaintplay – Make Money Now, An App That Is Paying? [Review]

Gaintplay – Make Money Now, how much money can you win?

Today I’m going to tell you about Gaintplay – Make Money Now , an application that pays for doing different tasks or playing games. Currently in the Play Store there are many of these, but the truth is that most of them are a lie. For this reason we will be reviewing this application today, to see how it is and to tell you at the end if it pays or not . Not being more, let’s continue.

From what I saw, it is a fairly popular application, reaching up to now a community of more than 100,000 users, it should be noted that it was published on January 11 of this year. This app joins the select group of those that have public comments, since most prefer to hide them. Although I do not know that this strategy also came out, since it has just over 5,000 opinions that do not leave it very well off, giving it only 3.3 stars.

From what I’ve seen, the complaints are due more to the video section that is inside, than to a failure in payments . In fact no one mentions payments in the comments. It does not have intrusive permissions, in fact it has few in comparison to others. It also does not have integrated purchases .

What is Gaintplay – Make Money Now?

Directly from the Play Store comes this application to earn money , with all the comfort that your cell phone can offer you and also with just a few minutes a day, so you won’t need to interrupt your other daily activities. It seems like a dream but it is not. Currently there are applications that pay you , either to perform some mini-tasks or to play, although most of them will actually pay you to see ads and that’s if you get paid . Many end up being a Scam and others reach the point of being a scam , that is why today I will try to review every last detail of Gaintplay – Make Money Nowand I will check if it pays or not .

Before I go any further with the app let me talk about the studio that created it, this for more context and a reference in case they have published other apps. The studio in question is called Gaintplay LLC and I was surprised by the fact that they don’t have any other apps published so far. I checked online and in the Play Store to gather as much information as possible, but couldn’t find anything that would help It’s like the internet doesn’t exist, let’s hope Gaintplay at least works.

It is not possible to find other reviews either, so this is one of the first you will see (depending on the time you read it), that is why I have promised to bring you an honest opinion. The interface is good, it seems to be well programmed and beyond that there isn’t much to say.

Installation and registration in Gaintplay – Make Money Now.

In the Play Store you can easily find it, even the search engine will complete its name with just the first written word, select the correct option. If you cannot find it, it may be because it is not compatible with your cell phone, below you will find a link for you to check.

When the download is finished, click open and wait a moment, it will ask you to accept terms and conditions. Registration can be done through a Google account or with an email and password.

Gaintplay - Make Money Now

How does it work?

The operation of Gaintplay – Make Money Now is identical to that of many other applications that we have come across along the way, it has only three methods to earn money and they are all simple. The first one is by testing applications, here I am sure you will know what to do, but I will still give you a brief instruction. All you have to do is install some applications and depending on what they require, simply register or play until you reach a certain level and thus get the reward .

The second option is through the surveys that are already typical in many of these applications. To get surveys to reach you, you must make your profile attractive to companies, when you complete your profile you just have to wait for them to arrive. Constantly check the app, since they appear during the day and many times they do not notify you. Each survey lasts a different amount of time and pays you a different reward.

The last option is to watch videos, although that is a bit false because they will be more like ads for other applications that you will not be able to close. When you select this option, an ad will open in which some app is advertised, of course I do not recommend that you install it.

Gaintplay - Make Money Now


Payments are made using PayPal , Visa Netflix and Litecoin . The minimum withdrawal is different in each one. For PayPal the minimum withdrawal is $25 dollars , you can also withdraw $50 dollars , $100 dollars and finally, $250 dollars . As for Litecoin, its minimum payment is $1 dollar . Finally you need $30 dollars if you want to withdraw to Netflix or Visa.

The payment appears to be true, so you can continue to use the app.

app that pays - Make Money Now

Conclusion of Gaintplay – Make Money Now.

It is an application that complies, the problem is that its payments are a bit low and the app also has some errors. The interface is pretty good and has a nice personal touch, it’s just a bit slow at times. For now I tell you that if I recommend it, Gaintplay – Make Money Now does pay . If you are using it then continue because surely at some point you will see your effort reflected in a payment using the method you prefer.



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