Galaxy Star Tree – Can You Make Money Playing Games?

Galaxy Star Tree – Does it really pay?

Today we will talk about  Galaxy Star Tree , an  application to earn money by playing games  that is always presented as an  app that does pay . The game is not something new and in fact it is extremely disappointing, but hey, let’s hope that it is at least a paying app.

As always, if you want to find more information and know if it really is an  app that does pay  or just a  junk app,  read until the end. Here I will tell you everything you want to know and of course, I will tell you the whole reality. Remember that the blog has nothing to do with any study or app, we are just users like you and we are also looking for an  application to earn money playing  or any  app that pays us for various tasks . If you don’t like what you read or you think it can help us complement the information, you can go to the comments and leave us your opinion there.

Also, if you read until the end, you will notice that there are the names of several lists that gather  apps that do pay . I recommend that you review it and find your favorite. All the applications there are verified and have some articles in which there is more information. Below you can find how to enter. In these lists there are several  applications to earn money playing , although you can find apps of different types. 

What is Galaxy Star Tree?

Galaxy Star Tree  is a disappointing game to tell the truth, since it ends up being a puzzle game that we have seen on multiple occasions. The app does not offer anything new and although its interface is well programmed, this is not very helpful when writing the ads. In fact, the interface is planned in such a way that floating circles and a fixed one appear on the right side of your screen that always have ads. In addition, more than it is an  application to earn money by playing , it is an  app to earn Robux .

By this point you are surely wondering who created this game and the answer is:  Noah TC . A study that until now has not published any other game and that seems to be simply waiting for its success to come with this project. Announcements, promises, etc., everything is focused on being attractive to the public, although it is far from being true. For all this is that you will see how in other games it appears promoting itself as an  app that does pay , despite being far from being one.

Noah TC  decided to go the same route as all mediocre studios: lie to users. Today it is very common to find different applications destined to fail that are advertised as  applications to earn money by playing  just so as not to get lost in oblivion.

Galaxy Star Tree

Installation and registration in Galaxy Star Tree:

The app is quite easy to find, although I also recommend checking the name of the studio as well. If it is not compatible with your cell phone, it will not appear in the list of results. For this there is no solution and it is better that you look for another app before risking with an APK.

You won’t need to sign up in any way, although you can link your Roblox account, something I don’t recommend doing.

Galaxy Star Tree

How to play?

When you enter  Galaxy Star Tree  you will receive a small tutorial in which they explain the main game, but leave out other functions of the app. To begin with, below you will have a bar in which there is a second window that contains games, the third will be a kind of puzzle that gives you  rewards  and finally it will be your  wallet , in it you can check your balance and progress.

Your goal in the main game is to find the blocks that have more than three tiles of the same color and press them. Come on, it’s something very simple and you’ve probably done it before. Each level will get more difficult and you can always find  good rewards  there. You will also have the second option in which you can choose various games, there are all kinds of genres. What you should do is navigate through them and select the one you like the most, then they will give you a few short instructions for each one. 

The  reward  , regardless of whether it is in the real game or some other game, will be automatically credited to your account. You will also have a circle that always appears on the screen and with which you can see ads in exchange for  Robux.

Application to earn money playing - app that does pay


You can  request your payment  only to  Roblox , so if you are not interested, follow the next app or the lists below. The  minimum withdrawal  is  10,000 Robux , although you can also  request withdrawals  for  20,000 Robux  or reach  15,000  and opt for a change, but I don’t quite understand what it is for. Anyway, what I do know is that  this alleged payment is a lie .

Application to earn money playing - app that does pay

Does Galaxy Star Tree pay?

Galaxy Star Tree is a no-pay app , it’s just another waste of time. I don’t think you really want to have this game on your phone beyond the  reward  it offers, so I recommend you uninstall it. It is more than evident what the intention of the creator is and as you will notice, it does not benefit the user at all. You will only have to see ads and you will not receive anything. The best thing is that you delete it and search our lists, here you can find an  application to earn money playing  that really works.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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