GAME TESTER – Play & Earn, Do You Earn Money? [Review]

GAME TESTER – Play & Earn, do you really earn money?

An app called GAME TESTER – Play & Earn is being advertised as a way to earn money playing games. Is this true? The truth is that when I tried the application it seemed very similar to other apps that I have already reviewed on the blog. Some of them turned out to be legit like Cash Cow and Cash Giraffe. Despite being legitimate, they cannot be considered as a main source of income. These apps that do pay should be considered extra income, so don’t go in with very high expectations.

Regardless of whether GAME TESTER – Play & Earn pays or not, I will leave you our lists of paying apps at the end of the article. In them you can find applications to earn money playing or applications to earn free cryptocurrencies and more. At our blog we are committed to being honest in our reviews, and this will be no exception.

This article is made based on my experience, that of other users and my research. If you doubt what I say in this article, I invite you to find and install the application. Once you verify if the app works or not, you can leave me a comment with your experience.

What is GAME TESTER – Play & Earn?

GAME TESTER – Play & Earn is an application launched by GameTester on December 28, 2022. It currently has more than 50,000 downloads, but something that made me wonder is that it has no opinions. I haven’t seen many negative reviews in my research though, so I gave it the benefit of the doubt.

This application gives us a very good way to earn money, which is playing on our phone. Like many apps of this type, we will play sponsored apps. It works very similar to the aforementioned apps. The app will need to track playing time and will reward you with coins. The longer you play, the more you will win, with its variations, as the win rate will gradually decrease over time.

Note: Apparently the ratings are viewable, and it has received 4.1 stars, many of the reviews appear genuine. It should be noted that almost all of them are positive, so now he did trust her more.

GAME TESTER – Play & Earn

Installation and registration in GAME TESTER – Play & Earn:

To install this application we will go to the Google PlayStore and we will search for it by name. It should appear in the first results, if you can’t find it I’ll leave you a download button at the end of the article.

GAME TESTER – Play & Earn

How does it work?

It works in a simple way, GAME TESTER – Play & Earn will recommend games on its main page. This application collects information about your installed applications, this is done to recommend more apps to try. Since they will not recommend an application that you already have, it is forbidden to earn money with the same offer several times. Once you accept all this, they will ask you your gender and age to offer you suitable applications. Finally, they will give you a welcome bonus which consists of 3600 coins. This will get you closer to the minimum withdrawal requirement which is 10999.

To start earning coins we must go to one of the sponsored games and click on the “play and win” button. In the game description we can see their name and how many coins per minute they will give you. Before letting you download the app they will tell you to allow app usage tracking. So they can monitor your playing time. After allowing tracking, you will be taken to the PlayStore to download the application.

It is very important to know that you must open the applications from the “My Games” section. This is because GAME TESTER – Play & Earn will be able to track and determine how long you have been playing. It should be said that the number of coins per minute of each application is not entirely true. This is because after a while that figure starts to reduce. That means that if you win 250 coins in a game, in a matter of 10 minutes you will earn much less. This is done so that users can test multiple applications in this period of time. And of course, the more applications you try, the more they earn and can pay you.

Applications to earn money playing - apps paying me


In order to make the withdrawal you must wait for the progress bar to reach its goal. This happens when you have 10999 coins, which is equal to $5. You can withdraw this amount of money through Google Play or Amazon.

It’s a shame not to have cash withdrawal methods like PayPal. But if what you want is to buy online through Amazon or buy a game or expansion in the PlayStore, it is a very good option.

Applications to earn money playing - apps paying me

Conclusion of GAME TESTER – Play & Earn

GAME TESTER – Play & Earn if you pay and it is an excellent application that will give us earnings just for playing. It offers a wide range of entertaining games, and honestly, it is a very fun way to generate income. Although earning fewer coins after a while is a negative point. The positive thing is that we can have a very good number of applications to download per day. Something I forgot to mention is that don’t worry if you only see 5 applications, once you use some, more will appear.

If you liked the review, do not hesitate to comment on it and leave us your opinion about this application. If you have any other apps you’d like us to review, we’d be happy to review them, just leave them in the comments. We will review it as soon as possible.



If you want to use the application and verify that this information is true, I will leave you the download link below:

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