Glory Miner Pop – A Game To Earn Money?  [Review]

Glory Miner Pop – Legit?

You may have doubts about whether Glory Miner Pop is a scam or pay and I understand it because it is a very common doubt. After all, it’s best to be hesitant after seeing how many junk apps there seem to be in the Play Store that are useless, but I decided to try it for a while to see how it works and how safe it is, so read on. the end.

Before continuing with the article I want to tell you that we have nothing to do with this or any other application, we only give reviews based on our experience and we seek to help other users. You can leave your experience in the comments to complement the article, just remember that we have nothing to do with any studio or app, we are independent. If an app works I will tell you so you can use it with confidence. The same if it is a junk app, I will tell you so you don’t waste your time.

Also in the final part of this article you can find the names of some lists that bring together apps that are paying, check them out. All the applications there have an article in which you can find more information, but if you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments. Most of them will be games to earn money, but this is not the only thing you can find there. That being said, let’s see if Glory Miner Pop pays or is a scam.

What is Glory Miner Pop?

I could say that Glory Miner Pop is a common app, quite similar to what you can find in the Play Store, like Robbery Tycoon, but no, this app is total crap. I don’t know where to start to tell you everything that’s wrong, but I can sum it up by saying that using the app is almost impossible because you’ll always get a black screen or get stuck. It is clear that its creator has invested a lot in advertising, unfortunately he has not done the same in quality because it is total garbage.

The app was created by zhuyiyebaofuxuan , a studio for which no information can be found and which appears to be fairly new. So far he hasn’t published any other games or projects and I hope he doesn’t because that would be quite cheeky of him. The game is poorly made, if you want to add some value to your company you should start by making this better, not by launching other games that are also poorly designed.

I have reviewed hundreds of apps and have come across some similar cases, but this hasn’t happened in a long time. It is clear that the creator does not care much about what happens, he only has the application to generate income and does not even check that it is in optimal condition. I reviewed it to find out if Glory Miner Pop is a scam or paid, but it is really not worth trying.

Glory Miner Pop pay

Installation and registration in Glory Miner Pop :

You can easily find the app by searching for it by its full name, although I also recommend that you check the name of the studio that created it and make sure you install the correct one. If you can’t find it or it doesn’t give you the download option, it may be due to some compatibility problems with your cell phone, something for which there is no type of solution.

It is not necessary to make any type of registration to enter, do not worry about having to leave any name or personal information.

How does it work?

Well, if you manage to enter Glory Miner Pop correctly, you will receive some instructions that are of no use because they only jam the phone. Everything you try within the application will be in vain because it doesn’t work at all, there is always a black screen waiting and the game is completely paused. It doesn’t even close, it just goes black and you have to decide whether to wait or exit and try to enter later.

From what little I saw, the app has a puzzle game that you can easily find in any junk app. It also has a menu at the bottom of the screen from where you can move around the entire app, including a window where you can find some integrated games that are supposed to allow you to earn some extra rewards. Keep in mind that at every moment you will see an advertisement and if you don’t notice it, that is why the app fails, but there will always be a commercial waiting for you.

Your reward is added to the balance that appears at the top of the screen, I hope you can see it. You can monitor your earnings by going to the last tab that appears in the menu below, but as soon as you get there another error pops up.


Here comes the biggest problem, and it does not allow me to see this information. The app is promoted as a good source of income , it also gives you a diamond reward for each activity you complete, but then it is not possible to find more information. If you were able to see a payment method or any information about withdrawals, I would appreciate it if you left a comment like this point to complement the article.

Glory Miner Pop pay

Does Glory Miner Pop pay?

I don’t need to know more about this application to know that Glory Miner Pop does not pay , it was created with the aim of generating income for its creator, but being so poorly designed, it is difficult to achieve anything. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen an app this poorly programmed. I guess its creator felt the desire to generate easy income and published it without even checking to see if it was useful. It is best that you delete the game and leave that space free, either for a game that entertains you or for an app that really pays.




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