Gummy Bear Crush, Pay Up To $20 To Play? [Review]

Gummy Bear Crush, legit app or scam?

This time I will tell you about  Gummy Bear Crush , an  application to earn money with Paypal  that is available in the  Play Store . It is presented as an  app that does pay  and in its ads it reveals  more than generous rewards  that can tempt anyone. As well as a fairly simple game that anyone can beat.

Generally, most of the  applications to earn money from PayPal  are lies, since this is used as a marketing move and in this way attracts the attention of more users and a larger audience is achieved. Most of the  apps that pay offer  you  very little money  compared to this one, so it seems that from the beginning there are not very good signs.

We will still review Gummy Bear Crush and I will tell you at the end if it really is a  application to earn money from PayPal  or just another  rubbish . Not being more let’s start, I will tell you everything I found and if you should install it or not. Also remember that we have nothing to do with any studio, so if it’s a  junk app  I’ll tell you. The same if it is an  app that if you pay, we recommend junk apps.

What is Gummy Bear Crush?

Gummy Bear Crush  is a puzzle game, as we have seen so many times, I can only tell you that although it is entertaining at first, after a while it becomes tedious, especially when you add the large number of ads that appear. Remember that not all  applications to earn money from PayPal  are legitimate, so it seems that this will be the case of a  PUA  that tries to deceive us.

The app was created by Gamma Gift Studio , a company we haven’t seen before, thankfully. All its applications seem to be destined to be a lie, despite the fact that in each of its promotions it claimed to be an  app that does pay . From the beginning everything seems to go wrong.

From what can be seen , Gamma Gift Studio  is a study (forgive the redundancy), which simply wants to lie to its users and that is why its apps manage to reach a wide audience, but do not remain at that peak of popularity . Surely I am right when I tell you that when you are looking for an  application to earn money from PayPal , it is best to ignore any that have the seal of this company

Gummy Bear Crush 

Installation and registration in Gummy Bear Crush:

If you are looking for it on your own, I recommend that you search by its full name, since there is another app that shares exactly the first part of its name. I also recommend you also review the name of the study, with this you will know if it is correct or not.

At the time of admission, it will not ask you for any type of record, just some information to calculate your body mass and the number of steps you are supposed to take per day.

Gummy Bear Crush 

How to play?

At this point, it may already be more than clear how this type of puzzle is played, since they are very frequent among applications  to earn money from PayPal . Basically what you have to do is find groups that have at least three identical tiles, these must match either vertically or horizontally.

When you enter you will have a board where you can find multiple tiles of different colors, although they all have the same size. These tiles will be randomly placed, but you can usually find some tiles that are identical pretty close to each other; These are the options that you should take advantage of. Many of these chips will be set in blocks, these are the best opportunities.

What you have to do in  Gummy Bear Crush  is nothing new, it looks like all the other puzzle games we’ve already seen and as I told you, it looks like a copy with some variation of Candy Crush. The game itself will notify you when you reach the end of each level.

application to earn money from PayPal . app that does pay


You can request your payment via PayPal of course, although you can also choose the Cash App option , but I don’t think this is very popular in this region. The minimum withdrawal is the same in both options and is about $1,000 dollars , an exaggerated figure for any app.

application to earn money from PayPal - app that does pay

Gummy Bear Crush Conclusion:

The best thing is that you ignore it when you see it, it is not the best option in the world and it will only serve to waste your space on your cell phone. It is nothing new, many creators make different advertising campaigns with these lies, saying that they are ” applications to earn money for PayPal ” and in the end they are just junk applications. Gummy Bear Crush is a no-pay app .

If you want to know some  apps that do pay , that are already verified and that have  all kinds of paid tasks , then do not hesitate to go to our lists and review them calmly to talk about one that is to your liking. To access the lists, you only need to search for the following names:  “25 Best Apps To Earn Money” ,  “Five applications that help you earn extra money” ,  “Applications to earn money online 2023” ,  “Applications to earn free cryptocurrencies ”  and  “Best apps to earn extra money 2023”

Apart from that you also have a list at the bottom which is the most extensive of all, just click on its name and you will be redirected there. You also have a lot of articles to review and find out which applications are reliable and which are junk applications.




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