JobSwipe – Get A Better Job!, Does It Help You Find A Job?

JobSwipe – Get a Better Job!, Is it legit?

This time I bring you something a little different from what is customary in this blog, since it is not an application to earn money online but I know, but it can help you in this task. I’ll tell you about JobSwipe – Get a Better Job! , an online job search application that has become quite popular in recent months, but the question always remains as to how safe it can be and how vulnerable users are within it.

Although this time the article will not be about an application to earn money online , I am sure that this is a topic that may interest you a lot and that it can even help you. Stay until the end if you are interested, the app was tested before writing this article, so what you will read is based on close experience and is 100% honest. We have nothing to do with any company or study, so what you read here will always be honest and according to our experience.

Let’s hope that this really is a legitimate online job application and not another disappointment, since it is not the first of its kind that I have come across and unfortunately none of them seem to work so far. Most annoying of all, it seems that they are all full of pretentious ads that seek to scam users , so you have to be very careful with each one.

What is JobSwipe – Get a Better Job!?

JobSwipe – Get a Better Job! It is presented as an app that can help us find a formal job , either in person or online, only there do not seem to be many offers available for this region. In addition, another problem with the app is the fact that it is in English and there doesn’t seem to be any way to change it, so if you don’t know the language you may get a little lost. Still, I don’t recommend applying to any job until you’re sure what it’s about or how safe it becomes, which we’ll talk about this a little later.

The application was created by a studio that has chosen to focus solely on this project, it is Jobswipe and it has not published any project to date, or at least there was no record of it. Nor is it possible to find much information about them, it is only known that they created this app with the purpose of helping users and little else. While it sounds like a nice gesture, from what I’ve seen, I’m not so sure it’s a very legit online job search app .

I won’t lie to you, even if it works and is real, I personally recommend that you go to a more reliable platform, since it is something that can define your future in the short term or a scam that takes away what little or much you have . It is best to always check verified, old and renowned sites, so as not to fall for possible deceptions. Besides, if you need to find a job , but nothing works for you, you can still see some of our lists with applications to earn money online that will help you a little.

JobSwipe - Get a Better Job!

Installation and registration in JobSwipe – Get a Better Job!:

It seems that all these supposed applications to find online employment always use the same words in their name, therefore they are somewhat difficult to distinguish from one another. The best thing is that when you search for it, you also check that the name of the study matches to know if it is the correct app or not. If you can’t find it, it’s because it’s not compatible with your cell phone and it’s best to leave it there, don’t look for APK or something similar, you never know what they include.

Registration will be necessary if you want to enter and review the offers, for this you need an email, a password, full name, phone number and give permission to access your location. Supposedly all this is in order to give you the closest and most real offers, but it does not give me much confidence.

JobSwipe - Get a Better Job!

How does it work?

Once you have passed the registration and give the corresponding permissions you can enter JobSwipe – Get a Better Job! , there you will see the offers that are available in a radius close to you and as you can see, they are all in English. This is somewhat suspicious considering that it asks us for access to the location precisely to bring us jobs that are close to us or that are available at least in our country of residence.

Feel free to browse all the options there, plus there are also some windows where you can find settings and other things needed for the app. All the available offers will be in the main tab and these have a small description that if you don’t understand, I recommend that you first translate it in any translator so you know what you are applying for. Most tell you what the job is about , how many hours a week it will be, and how much money you get paid .

Now, there are some that ask you to write directly to a personal WhatsApp number , something that I do not recommend. Other options simply seem like they forgot to include a contact and others are somewhat confusing, but they will leave you an email, something that seems more reliable to me.

Application to earn money online - application to find employment online


You will not be able to request any payment through this app, since it will only be an intermediary between you and an employer who wishes to answer you, so there is no withdrawal box or payment method here . These aspects you arrange with your employer, if you manage to find a real job and keep it.

Do not forget to discuss these details very well before starting, since the payment may be made by bank transfer or in person, so it is better to discuss it before.

Application to earn money online - application to find employment online

Conclusion of JobSwipe – Get a Better Job!:

Although it is possible to find some applications to find employment online , it is also true that many times this is used to deceive desperate users and defraud them . As I told you, the best thing in my opinion is to go to a well-known app and that, if possible, is regulated in your country. Maybe the ideal thing for you is not to search on the best-known platforms because the jobs seem scarce there, but the best is always to go to the most reliable. For now I tell you that JobSwipe – Get a Better Job! It is not a reliable application, it is best that you delete it or simply do not install it.

If you are looking for a job , cheer up, I hope you get it soon. In what finds a stable job you can try the different applications to earn money online that we have found on the blog, with them you can form a good source of extra income . All the applications are verified and have articles that contain more information. Also below is the link to the most extensive list of all, there you will surely find one that is to your liking.

To access them, you only need to look for the following names in the blog menu: “Five applications that help you earn extra money” , “25 Best Apps To Earn Money” , “Best applications to earn extra money 2023” , “ Applications to earn free cryptocurrencies” and “Applications to earn money online 2023” . Do not hesitate to leave any doubt or suggestion in the comments.




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