Linest, the new online job searcher? [Review]

Linest, monetize your time?

Linest, this is an app published by mayra76myalgic, which is unique among the creations of the creator, in my point of view is usually a negative aspect, since we do not have enough information to have a broader picture of the utility that this gives us, and mainly its veracity. It has more than 1 million downloads, and it is said that this is an application for everyone, which does not make much sense to me, since in order to have a job or a job, you should have the age of majority that your country has established as the minimum.

Compared to many of the reviews we have on the blog, this is not exactly an application to play, or to do things within it, but for those who are interested in getting a job, and use their free time in this, ideal for those unemployed people looking for something new.

We do not have the date of publication, will it be an application under development? However, in Play Store we can see its last update, which is registered on August 18, 2022, for our current date, it seems to be a little forgotten, since it is necessary that as a developer, you give a good maintenance to the user’s needs.

What is Linest?

From the studio or creator mayra76myalgic, the most notable objective and goal, is that the user downloads the application in order to get a job, but not just any job, in the description of the app, they trap you by telling you that you will find within its platform, the job of your dreams, no matter where you are, Within its functions, the app would allow you to activate notifications for when a vacancy arises with the characteristics that best suit you, within this you can upload your resume to the cloud, and thus streamline the process and use it when you need it most.

The design of the app, has nothing special, it is similar to those already known, which this time I will not mention. At first glance, it looks like a legitimate application that seems to fulfill its purpose, am I right or am I wrong?

Installation and registration in Linest:

Something to recognize, is the ease with which the name can be remembered, it is a very positive point, since this should not be a problem. Like all the applications we talked about, installation is simple, you look for it in the Play Store platform, make sure it is the correct one and we are not installing another that is not the main one, install it, and let’s move on to the next step.

In contrast, this is an application to get a job or review a job board that best suits our needs, so it is necessary to make a small and brief registration before starting, for many it may be a waste of time, but in my opinion, it is tolerable. You only need, name, email and password of the interested user, as well as the level of studies, since this is of vital importance for the employer and because this is an app to get a job, we need to be clear about our schooling and how much level of study we have.

How does it work?

Among all that I found, a negative point that I should mention, and perhaps not a problem for us, but for users who are outside an area where English is the predominant language, is that there are usually problems when you want to change the language, for example, Spanish.

To continue, Linest offers all kinds of jobs, in which you can surely get the one of your dreams, or at least so we paint it, all this is found first hand on the home page, it seems to be an application that cares a lot and sensitizes personal data, as in the security section of Play Store, where it describes this, they place great emphasis on care and privatize the same, taking care that there is no leakage of personal data outside those that you as a user, decide.

When you click on the option you choose, a menu will be displayed with the necessary information for the job in selection, there you will find main data such as contact number, description of the same, vacancy and purpose, etc.. Do not be fooled, be careful with that information you provide on the internet.


Compared to other platforms, in Linest there is not much to say, payments are made externally once you have been in a commitment with the employer, the agreed figure will be depending on that itself, therefore the application will only serve as a conduit for payment, but it is not linked to it.

Linest’s conclusion:

It seems to be a legitimate application, because no money is handled within it, it is not a paying application, however, its purpose is fulfilled, and that is to connect you with people willing to employ people and provide them with work, therefore, I would recommend it. Taking into account that an important point is that we should not trust private information to internet pages, no matter how much confidence they give us and how attractive the payment looks, we must always be careful, it is a delicate issue and should not be taken lightly.

If you are looking for applications that pay to play, I invite you to read the blog in general, because here you can find games that do fulfill the promise of rewarding you financially for your time.



If you want to use the application and check that this information is legit, I will leave you below the download link:

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