Live Party Slots-Vegas Casino – Does It Really Work? [Review]

Live Party Slots-Vegas Casino – Does it pay or is it a scam?

This time I will tell you about Live Party Slots-Vegas Casino , a casino to win real money , or at least that is what you see in every advertisement in which it appears, but personally it does not seem very reliable to me and on this blog we do not promote casinos , so unless you are someone who uses them frequently, I recommend that you do not follow your path and look for other options.

Before continuing with the article I want to clarify that we have nothing to do with this app or any other, nor do we have anything to do with any study. We’re not endorsing anyone, we’re just testing the apps and writing about them to help other users know what to expect. We are users like you, we are looking for an app that pays and although casinos to win real money are not on our priority list, we know that many readers use them and we want to bring this review so they know what to expect.

Also, if what you are looking for is an application to earn free money, at the bottom you can find the names of several lists that bring together apps that do pay. All the apps on these lists are tested and paid, check them out. You will have several games to enjoy and win, although there is no casino to win money there yet, but you will have other options. But hey, let’s see if Live Party Slots-Vegas Casino pays or not.

What is Live Party Slots-Vegas Casino?

Live Party Slots-Vegas Casino is a casino that has quite a few details and to tell the truth it can be very annoying, every time you try to go somewhere a window pops up with a new instruction and you cannot move freely. The app reminds me of another one that I reviewed recently, Domino Vamos, there were also several games that I could select, but above all, they didn’t let you move freely through the app as if they were afraid that you would see something and leave, maybe they know that Online stores scare anyone away.

The app was created by Classmobi , a studio that has not published any other app to date. It seems that until now he has waited patiently for his game to be successful, for this he has invested everything necessary in advertising and has also added some lies to his repertoire to make it more interesting to the public. All the ads you can see are linked to a casino to win real money, money that you can spend on yourself day by day, but this is very far from the truth.

Personally, I don’t like online casinos very much, they seem more like a danger to me than anything else and without a doubt they are, they are always waiting for you to invest your money (which I don’t recommend doing) and lose everything. Although first they will make you a little addicted, you know, to ensure a user.

Live Party Slots-Vegas Casino

Installation and registration at Live Party Slots-Vegas Casino:

You can find the app easily, although it may be a little complicated due to all the apps with similar names, so I recommend that you also check the name of the studio and make sure it is correct. If you can’t find the app it may be due to compatibility problems, something that wouldn’t surprise me taking into account all the detail it has, the point is that there is no solution for this and it is best that you look for other options.

Registration is not necessary since you can enter as a guest using the “Play as a guest” option, but if you wish, you can register through a Facebook account and receive a bonus.

Live Party Slots-Vegas Casino

How does it work?

Once you enter Live Party Slots-Vegas Casino they will not leave you free, there you will have to see window after window that appears and that tries to show you each box of the app, game or simply tries to sell you some type of package, the latter is not not at all recommended. The app has a built-in store where you can invest real money in exchange for in-game tokens, but this is nothing more than a scam.

Your objective varies depending on the game you enter, although the one that stands out the most is the slot machines and there is not much to do there. Everything will depend on luck. When you enter each room you will have a small section at the bottom of the screen, there you can configure the amount of money you want to bet and whether you do it automatically or manually. I recommend you start with small amounts, the minimum you can, and never increase, in fact, when you see that you are on a good streak it is best to stop.

The reward is automatically credited to your account every time you win, but you must be careful because it is the same account that is used as your betting balance and you can lose everything. You will start with a small bonus and if you lose it you have no choice but to invest money, in which case it is best to withdraw.

Casino to win real money


Although it is promoted in several advertisements as a casino to win real money, its reward is something completely fictitious. There is no withdrawal box, payment method or minimum threshold that you must reach, you only have the option to invest but never to withdraw the profits. The payment does not exist , you will never get money in your account.

Casino to win real money

Does Live Party Slots-Vegas Casino pay?

Definitely not, Live Party Slots-Vegas Casino does not pay , it is just a trap to get you to invest money in the game, but like I told you, you will have no chance of seeing any return in real life. It is best that you delete this game and stay away from the casinos, most of them will be a total lie in which it is better not to risk it. If you want an application to make money, I invite you to review the lists on the blog, there you will have several options and they are all proven.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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