Lucky Lottery Winner Legit App Or Scam? [Review]

Lucky Lottery Winner – Legitimate or scam?

Today we are going to talk about  Lucky Lottery Winner , a supposed  application to earn money playing games  that is presented as an  app that does pay . The app is like a kind of online casino and from now on I advise you to stay away from games of this type, since they can be very dangerous.

The point here is that I tried the game for a while and here I will tell you if it is a  paid app  or a  PUP  that you should stay away from. Remember that this blog has nothing to do with any study, so the opinion that you will find here is sincere and based on personal experience. I do not recommend any application, I only give an opinion so that you can guide yourself. If we find an  application to earn money playing  , we will notify you, so you can use it with peace of mind and start  generating extra income , but  we are not responsible for the rewards offered .

Now to finish, do not forget that no matter what happens with this app, at the bottom you will have the names of some lists that gather apps that do pay. These lists are there to help you in your search and there you will find several  applications to earn money playing games  that we have tested and have worked. But hey, now we are going to focus on  Lucky Lottery Winner , an app that was published on May 10 of this year and was last updated on May 23. So far it has more than 5,000 downloads and not a single comment.

What is Lucky Lottery Winner?

Lucky Lottery Winner  is a game of chance that includes several games or at least several rooms. Confirm games and level ups will be unlocked, although for this you must see a large number of ads. This is not at all unusual if we take into account that most of the  applications to earn money playing games  seem to be more focused on showing commercials than on teaching their game. 

If you wonder who the creator of this app is, it’s called  jn game  and it’s a studio that hasn’t published any other game so far .  In fact, it is a company about which it is not even possible to find information on the web. Everything we have comes from his ads and he certainly isn’t going to talk bad about himself. Each ad is carefully planned to appear to the user as a credible company with a  legitimate paying app  . It doesn’t matter how much they have to lie for you to believe.

I honestly think this is something I’ve seen so many times I already know it by heart. A studio that publishes its app with good intentions and  rewards  that can be of great help to anyone. Everything seems to be fine, but in the end it will always be a lie no matter how hard they try to show otherwise.

Installation and registration in Lucky Lottery Winner:

The application is not very difficult to find and it will be enough for you to place its name in the search engine or, well, you can always enter from an advertisement. If it’s not compatible with your cell phone, it won’t appear and there’s no solution for that, so I only recommend that you continue to the next game and don’t risk it with an APK.

For the entrance it will not be necessary any type of registration or something like that. Don’t worry about leaving an email or linking an important account.

How to play?

Once you enter  Lucky Lottery Winner  you will have a main tab where you can access all the rooms and games that it offers you. To begin with, you will have only one room unlocked in which, curiously, there is no game of chance, but rather a scratch card in which you can try your luck. In fact all the games seem to be far from what you would find in a casino.

You will also have a bar at the bottom to jump to each section of the app. There will be a window in which you have a kind of tree where you can open gifts and  earn rewards  (only one daily), and the box where your  wallet is . But hey, you’ll be wondering how to play and all you have to do is select the only logo that isn’t blocked and wait for your turn. Generally you will have a limited number of scratch cards and then you will have to watch ads if you want to continue. As you progress, new games will be unlocked.

Regarding the  reward,  I can only tell you that it is added to your account automatically. Of course it is easy to achieve, as is the case with every  PUA  that wants to keep the excitement going and keep users from leaving.


This time we find ourselves with an  application to earn money by playing  that presents PayPal as a  payment  method  , there are no other options. The  minimum withdrawal  here is  $100 dollars , although you can also  request withdrawals  for other amounts that go up to  $9,000 dollars . 

If you stop to think, it is something totally unreal from the  minimum withdrawal . There is no app that will pay you that, much less that will give you even more money.

Does Lucky Lottery Winner pay?

Lucky Lottery Winner does not pay , it is just another waste of time and space on your cell phone. There is no way that what he promises you is real, it is totally unsustainable and it was difficult for the creator to earn so much money with this game. The best thing will always be that when they offer you big figures, you calm down, think well and look for information, so you won’t fall into as many  junk projects  as this app is. I recommend you delete it and if you really want an  app that does pay , feel free to check out the blog.

Here luckily you will find some  apps that do pay . All of these applications are listed, have been tested, and have an article with more information on each one. They also have a link for you to install them safely from the Play Store. Also below you will have the link to the most extensive list of all, you just have to click on their name and you will be redirected. There you will have a large number of apps to choose from.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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