Media Rewards: Paid Surveys, Does It Pay You To See Advertising?

Media Rewards: Paid Surveys, Scam or legit?

This time I will tell you about a supposed application to earn money by watching advertising , it is Media Rewards: Paid Surveys , an application that is always advertised as if it were an app that does pay . In each of its ads, it promises you large amounts of money and it is always for a simple task, to see advertising that appears from time to time when you watch TV or watch a video on YouTube .

To tell the truth, it is the first application that I see with this method. Certainly I had already seen some applications to earn money by viewing advertising, but so far none offered a reward for such a specific advertising niche. It seems that this time we found a company that wanted to innovate and well, this was the result. Now, if it’s a really paying app or a PUP , that’s what we’ll look at next.

Remember that the blog has nothing to do with any study, so this is not a promotion for the app, in fact it is just a review. All the opinions that you find here are sincere and you can corroborate it on your own. Also at the bottom are the names of several lists that gather apps that do pay and there is no application to earn money by watching advertising , if you can find apps with other types of tasks and games.

What is Media Rewards: Paid Surveys?

Media Rewards: Paid Surveys is a supposed application to earn money by watching advertising , I think that at this point it is already clear, but it seems that it is a bit different from the rest of the ones you can find in that sub-niche. This time it seems that it is simply necessary to install the app and synchronize it with the devices that use to watch TV or you can simply start to see some things within the same application and wait for some advertising to appear.

From what I checked, there is a website with the same name and this is a legitimate site to earn money , but I couldn’t find if it is related to this app or just the creator decided to use the name for his own benefit . The fact is that the application was created by Bestgrid Media , a studio about which there is not much information and which does not seem to have any coincidence with the creator of the website I am talking about.

So far it seems that this was just a marketing move to make users trust and download this app, but the truth is that it seems to be a simple lie. I mean, for this moment in which I write the article, the study is not in the Play Store or at least it does not allow me to review its profile, which does not generate any kind of trust.

Media Rewards: Paid Surveys

Installation and registration in Media Rewards: Country Surveys:

The app can be easily found, unless it is not compatible with your phone, because if that is the case, your own phone will automatically dismiss it. If this happens and you can’t find it, don’t worry, by the looks of it, you’re not missing much and it’s not worth the risk installing an APK.

To enter this app a registration is necessary, for this you will need a Google account or an email and a password. Do not forget to verify your email if you choose the latter.

Media Rewards: Paid Surveys

How does it work?

The operation of Media Rewards: Paid Surveys is simply based on watching, observing or simply, if you want, leaving a video, program, etc., playing on your cell phone and moving on with whatever you are doing. It is assumed that after a few minutes inside, an advertisement for a product that is available in your region will skip and with this you will accumulate points that you can later exchange for real money .

When you enter you can navigate through a small menu and choose what you want to see, there are options between streaming programs and common videos that you can find on sites like YouTube . Once you select what you want to see, you only have to wait a few minutes and an advertisement will appear that you should not skip, although it is not like they give you the option to do so. Once the ad ends, you will see the points accumulate in your account and there you can see all the transactions.

The reward will also not be that high, I think it is necessary to remind you of this because many dream of becoming a millionaire with any application and this is certainly not possible. In addition, the reward offered by this particular app is very lacking and there does not seem to be a coherence between what it promises in its ads and what it gives you once you are inside.

Application to earn money by watching advertising - app that does pay


This time you will have as payment methods the different gift cards that they offer you, there are from Amazon , to offers from Uber , Starbuck , etc. The minimum withdrawal does not seem to be the same for all options, but most will have this set at $10 dollars and ensure that it will be delivered within an estimated time of 24 hours.

Application to earn money by watching advertising - app that does pay

Media Rewards: Paid Surveys Conclusion:

I don’t think it’s a trustworthy app and it’s certainly not a legitimate ad earning app . In fact, just thinking that the creator of Media Rewards is possibly taking advantage of the fame and good name that the Syrian web has, makes you see the kind of person behind the project. Personally, I do not recommend it, since it did not work for me and I doubt it will work for you. Still feel free to try it. For now I’m just telling you that Media Rewards: Paid Surveys is not an app that pays , as it promises in its ads.

But calm down, do not be discouraged because this application does not work and because it seems that they are all lies, in this blog we have been lucky and we have found some apps that do pay . All the apps that do pay and that I’m talking about are on lists that you can find if you enter from the menu and search for their names. All the apps are verified and all have an article in which I detail all the information in a better way.

To access these lists, you just have to go to the menu and look for the following names: “25 Best Apps To Earn Money” , “Applications to earn free cryptocurrencies” , “Five applications that help you earn extra money” , “Best applications to earn extra money 2023” and “Applications to earn money online 2023” . The menu is hidden in the three lines that appear at the top right of the screen.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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