Money Tile – A Scam App? Does It Really Pay?

Money Tile – App:

Surely you are wondering if Money Tile is a scam or really pays after seeing its ads in other apps, luckily you came to the right place. I recommend you read the entire article to clarify your doubts, although you can leave us any questions in the comments.

If this is the first time you are entering the blog, I clarify that we have no relationship with the application or the studio that created it, we only seek to inform and warn other users. We found all the apps we talked about in advertisements, then we tested them for a while and wrote about the results obtained so that other users know what they can find. In our articles you will always have an honest and unbiased opinion, regardless of the result.

Also, if this application does not convince you, it doesn’t matter, you can check our lists and try another app that is paying. I will leave the names of the lists at the end of the article, so I recommend you read everything. Anyway, let’s see if Money Tile app is a scam or really pays.

What is Money Tile?

At this point, the concept that Money Tile handles is something that you have already seen many times, both in common games and in apps that promise to pay you for using them and replace your work, but the result is always the same: a fiasco. This type of game only wants us to perform quick tasks to give us constant rewards and create the illusion that we are really winning, but we are not.

In case you’re wondering, this application was created by Maqdala Games Studio, a studio about which it is not possible to find information even in the Play Store. Currently the company profile appears as deleted, although for some reason the game continues to appear in the results and allows you to install it, it only seems to be available mainly for the Asia and Europe region. It is not possible to find information about the game anywhere and the advertisements that the game presents to us are quite convenient for the studio, but not very realistic.

As I have told you in most of our articles, you should always distrust what advertisements say and look for information in reliable sites. Asking yourself if Money Tile app is scam or paid was a good idea and you should always do it.

Money Tile app

Installation and registration in Money Tile:

Finding this application is easy, although it also depends on the country you live in and how much visibility it has there. Before installing it, I recommend that you also check the name of the company that created it and avoid any confusion. If it does not give you the option to install, it may be due to compatibility problems with your cell phone.

Fortunately, you do not need to register to enter, you just have to open the game normally and it will start loading the game.

Download Money Tile

How does it work?

The Money Tile interface is something that you have seen many in advertisements or in games that you have tried, in it you can only find chips scattered all over the screen and a rectangle to accommodate them. This app does not have a loading or start screen and the games load immediately, you just have to follow the instructions for the first time and then you will be able to play freely.

To play you only have to start by pressing a tile and then look for two others that have identical figures, otherwise they will accumulate in the rectangle and it could run out of space and make you lose the game. All levels follow the same concept, only more pieces and even new figures are added, but you must always form groups of three until you completely clear your screen. As I told you, if you use all the spaces and you don’t manage to complete any group you will lose and you will have to start from scratch.

Your reward is automatically added to your balance, you can check this in the box that appears at the top of the screen.

Download Money Tile


You can request your payment through PayPal, VISA or MasterCard, although most likely only Paypal is available in your country. The minimum payment is $100 dollars, a figure that is still an exaggeration for any game you can find in the Play Store.

One of the clearest signs to know if you are looking at an app that pays is to see the payment amount for the first withdrawal. If it exceeds $ 5, it is probably a lie.

Money Tile app

Does Money Tile pay?

Definitely not, Money Tile does not offer any payment to its users, it is only a front app for its creator to generate income. This application could very well be removed from the Play Store any day for failing to comply with the respective rules, yet this has not happened and it continues to deceive hundreds of people but at least you already know and can warn those close to you. Delete the app and look for other options.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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