Monster Gaming Review: is it scam?

Monster Gaming is an app that is promoted online as a pay-to-play app. The reality is very different from what the advertising says. Monster Gaming does not pay to play, as it is all about a scam to attract users and get them to stay in the app as long as possible.
Read the following review about Monster Gaming and find out how the platform deceives users.

Monster Gaming: is it legit?

Monster Gaming is not a legitimate app, as it does not pay what it states and features several gimmicks to deceive users. The app is still in early access because the developer does not want users to give their true opinions and express how fraudulent the platform is.

What is Monster Gaming?

Monster Gaming is a mobile casino that promises to pay to play. The platform presents several games to win money, although it never materializes. Monster Gaming was created by the developer habibi abo, a brand famous for creating junk apps. Monster Gaming is suitable for people over 17 years old and already has more than 100,000 downloads. The app contains in-app purchase options.
To download Monster Gaming on your cell phone you simply have to search for it by its name in the Google Play Store, along with the name of the company that created it, habibi abo. If you do not find it is because it is not compatible with your cell phone.
To enter the app you need to register giving your name, email, password, cell phone number and country of residence.

How to play?

When it comes to game play, Monster Gaming encourages players to collect and summon different types of cards in the game. Each card has its own unique abilities that can help players win. There are a variety of cards in the game. Players can mix various combinations and use various abilities to attack their opponents according to their preferences. The game has a wide variety of battle modes, including single player challenge mode, event mode and multiplayer battle mode.
When you enter Monster Gaming you will have a main tab where you will see all the games available to you. Many of them are offered by external companies. The platform also suggests you to deposit money for certain games, but never do it.

Monster Gaming has a list of games and you simply choose the one you like. When you find it click on its logo and you will be redirected there. Each game has its own instructions, it is advisable to look for a tutorial before you start.

The reward appears every time you win a game and hit the jackpot. As you can see, it’s all a matter of luck.


Monster Gaming pays through bank transfer and does not indicate any minimum withdrawal amount. The payment never arrives to your bank account because it is all a scam. Do not make purchases within this app because they will keep your money.

Conclusion of Monster Gaming

Monster Gaming does not pay because it is one of the many junk apps on the Google Play Store. Monster Gaming’s goal is to entertain you as long as possible to capture you through gambling. Once you’re trapped inside the statistics, they will incentivize you to spend money inside the platform to keep it for themselves. Therefore, never spend money within these types of apps because you are sure to lose it.
As you can see, it is important to inform yourself about an app before installing it on your cell phone because it is full of junk apps that will only waste your time. Remember that most of them offer you large sums of money, something unrealistic that is not sustained over time.
You should not download this app to your cell phone and if you already have it downloaded, delete it right now. Monster Gaming is a waste of time and will only waste your device’s battery.
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Monster Gaming does not pay.

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