MyPoints, do you win while creating surveys? [Review]

Once again, I find myself reviewing another application that swears to pay us in exchange for becoming users, MyPoints, being constant, using it, and generating an extra income, which is often necessary in our lives.

On the Internet we can find applications from online casino games, applications that will pay you for answering surveys, others will pay you for watching videos, advertising, etc. We should not take this lightly, as we can lose a lot of time, without achieving anything, if we are not sufficiently applied, in knowing which ones to download, and which ones definitely not.

What is MyPoints?

MyPoint, is an application which functions as a Social Network, not as such, but that is what most resembles, in this you will be able to create surveys, and answer surveys as well, as cash remuneration you can win gift cards that different recognized companies, give users as a reward. This app is not very different from other social networks, because in this you can also have followers, and create surveys on different topics, can be of any category, either as film, politics, sports, music, etc..

MyPoint, offers you a variety of ways to earn money, not only creating surveys, but also responding, over time I have realized that answering surveys, is a way to earn money through the Internet, that many people like, perhaps because it is a simple way, or for any other reason, everyone will have their reasons. MyPoints also gives you the option to earn money by watching videos, you can play online games within the app, and in case you decide to do it through videos, you must complete a playlist.

Installation and registration:

In order to enter or make an account in this application, you must log in through Facebook, Google, or in case you had an account before, write your email and password, this to recover the account you had before. 

When you log in, you are accepting the terms and conditions that the application imposes on all its users, this is something that most apps of this type do.

Really compared to many other applications to earn money on the Internet, it gives me confidence the fact that it asks you a record like this, because it means that you can save all your progress within the app, in case you get to delete it, you will not lose everything you have done in the time you had it downloaded.

Payments in MyPoints:

As I mentioned before, this app is going to pay you through coupons, and gift cards that you can use on your online purchases, once you have them, you can redeem them for cash, many of these coupons are for prestigious stores like Home Depot, BestBuy and Walmart, there are also some that give you discounts on airline tickets.

To be honest, it is a very good application to generate income, the fact that many of these coupons are for prestigious stores like Home Depot, BestBuy and Walmart, there are also some that give discounts on airline tickets.

It is a very good application to generate income, the fact that many payments are through coupons, or gift cards, makes me feel that it is a truthful application, and if you will generate some reward, it may not be an application specifically for playing, however if the user is looking to get paid, it is a good choice.


If you are looking for an extra income on the Internet, I recommend MyPoints, as it is a legitimate application, and if you will generate a short-term monetary reward, I must remind you that you have to be careful when downloading applications to earn money, because on the Internet most are fake, however, if what you are looking for is to find applications that pay to play, I highly recommend you to read this blog, because here you can find a list of real applications that pay to play, and what parts of an entertaining way to spend time, since no one, or hardly anyone will spend hours using an application that is boring.

My final opinion, is that this is apps and pay to use it, so I highly recommend it, if what you like is to answer surveys, social networks, create surveys, watch videos, play games, get followers within a Social Network.

If you want to use the application and check that this information is legit, I will leave you below the download link:



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