Ocean Hunter – Can You Make Money Playing? [Review]

Ocean Ocean Hunter – Does it really pay?

You may already know about Ocean Hunter , a money making app that promises to entertain us while generating income. All this sounds very beautiful and without a doubt it would be more than interesting if it were true, but is it true?

For this article I will only rely on my experience after using it for a while, so you can be sure that you will find an honest opinion. We have nothing to do with any studio or app and we don’t endorse anyone, we are just users just like you and we are looking for apps that really work. If an application is legitimate we include it in our lists for you to use. The same if it is a junk app, you will have an article in which we warn you.

Besides, regardless of the result of the app, at the bottom you can find the names of several lists that bring together apps that do pay. All applications have been tested and you can use them with peace of mind, since they work. The lists mostly with games like this that you can see here, but you’ll also have another type from there.

What is Ocean Hunter?

Ocean Hunter reminds me a lot of Fish Catcher Mission in the sense that both have a main game and also a second option that is the games that you can find in a second tab. All those games are a copy of other more popular ones and worst of all, they will also be full of ads that cannot even be closed and in many cases they will be interactive.

The app was created by Border Zone , a studio that hasn’t released any other apps so far. It seems that its founder is waiting for success with this game and for that he doesn’t mind lying to his users on whatever topic. All the promises and everything that it shows you in each ad is false, but we will talk more about them and how it puts pressure on you to use the app and see more ads.

Whenever you see a money making app that offers you huge amounts of money, hesitate. It is not profitable to pay a large amount to users and even less if we are talking about tales of dollars, since that is impossible. Always review the available information and if you can’t find it, you can come to the blog and leave us the name of the app. We will review it as soon as possible.

Ocean Hunter

Installation and registration in Ocean Hunter:

Although it has a somewhat generic name, it is easy to find, you just have to place its name correctly in the search engine. If you cannot find it, it may be due to compatibility problems, something for which there is no solution and it is best to look for other options.

To enter, it is not necessary to make any type of registration, so do not worry about this point.

Ocean Hunter

How does it work?

As I told you, it has two ways to earn money: a main game and other games that are included in the app and that are nothing more than simple copies of other more popular ones. Once you enter Ocean Hunter it leaves you in the main game, there you have several tiles that are usually divided into two colors and that you have to separate into groups.

You can browse the application and realize the details and tasks that it offers you or directly start playing. If you choose to play the other games, you just have to go to the bar at the bottom and from there jump to the next window, there you can browse freely and select the game that you like. Each of these games will have its own instructions and gameplay, so pay close attention when the game starts.

Your reward will automatically be added to your account and you can review it in the box that appears at the top of the screen. As always, you will have ads to multiply your earnings, something that you can reject at first but then they will show you an ad no matter what and they won’t even offer you a reward.

application to earn money


You can request your payment through PayPal, Amazon, Google Play, Steam, etc. The minimum withdrawal is the same in all options and it is about $1,000 dollars for which you must get 10,000 diamonds . There are also other amounts that you can get and a mechanism to exchange coins for diamonds.

When you reach the payment threshold, a box will appear in which you can write your details and wait until your money is disbursed, something that never happens. The payment never arrives .

application to earn money

Does Ocean Hunter pay?

I think it is more than evident that Ocean Hunter does not pay , it only takes up space on your cell phone and then it is of no use to you. The intention of his creator is quite clear and it is only that you see ads so that he can generate money, but they will not give you anything. The best thing is that you delete the app and in case you really want an app to earn money, check our lists.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:


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