OpinionApp, Do You Earn Money For Answering Surveys? [Review]

OpinionApp, Scam or pay?

Today I will tell you about OpinionApp , an application to earn money by answering surveys that is an app that does pay and that presents us with an excellent option when it comes to earning extra money at the end of the month . The application is an app that does pay without a doubt, so this time all that remains is for you to read to the end so that you understand how to use it.

At the end of the article you will surely be clear about what you should do and you will know if it is a good option or not, or if it is convenient for you or if it is better to go and look for another app. By the way, if you choose the second, I invite you to read the different lists that the blog has and that are full of apps that do pay . In these lists there are from applications to earn money by answering surveys , to apps that pay you to play . You choose which one you like best.

The application was launched in March 2016, few applications to earn money by answering surveys or in general, have so much experience and can say that they have the trust of their users. So far it has more than 1 million downloads and thousands of options that give it a total of 3.7 stars, something that would alert anyone, but as I told you, it is an app that does pay, but it does have some errors .

What is Opinion App?

Well, I think in the previous part it was clear to you that OpinionApp is an application to earn money by answering surveys that can help you get money for your opinion on certain things and about certain brands. The operation is simple and is based on an exchange through an intermediary, we will provide data for their market studies and they will pay us in exchange for this information.

The application has been around for a long time, as I already told you, but this is not the only thing, since it also has other aspects that give peace of mind, such as the company that supports it. This is Cint AB , a study that, although it does not have any other published application, does have a recognized and reliable name. So far he has only created this app and well, he doesn’t seem to need anything else to make a name for himself.

Generally, the apps that do pay tend to be of this method, applications to earn money by answering surveys that take a long time. But you should never trust yourself because one day they may stop paying or simply buy comments to hide complaints, so check carefully before installing each one.


Installation and registration in OpinionApp:

Finding it will be easy, despite having a somewhat generic name that could be confused with other apps. If you can’t find it, you can go to the bottom, there you will have the link directly to the Play Store and download it if possible. If you cannot install it, it may be because it is not compatible with your cell phone, but don’t worry because you will have other apps to review and choose from.

In the same way as in other apps that do pay , here you will have to register with an email and a password. Do not forget after this to verify it or else your account will never be activated.


How does it work?

Possibly you already know this or have a few doubts, I will still give you a brief description before moving on to the next point, the most important of all. The operation of OpinionApp is only reduced to entering the app, completing some configurations, completing your profile through some small surveys and as a personal tip, activate notifications so that they can notify you when a survey is available.

The available options will always be in the main tab and if you manage to activate notifications, then the app should notify you, although I recommend you check constantly. You will have the option to choose the one you like the most, only there is a small problem and that is that when you enter you end up being rejected in some, something normal, but stressful if first they leave you 5 minutes answering questions that will not get you anywhere.

Each survey pays you a different figure , although they are not that far from each other and generally the response time to each one is also similar. I still recommend that you always review and compare. Sometimes it is better to answer several short surveys than one long one.

Application to earn money by answering surveys - App that does pay


Luckily this is an application that works in Spain and Latin America, so you should not worry about it and you can request payment through PayPal regardless of country. The minimum withdrawal this time is $5 dollars and in case you’re wondering, you can reach it more or less in a week if you have recurring options.

Application to earn money by answering surveys - App that does pay

OpinionApp final opinion:

It is a great option and luckily it is available for our Latin America, so there are not many negative aspects to comment on. The only thing I don’t like about this app is that it forces you to answer some questions before telling you if you can continue the survey or not, something that many other apps to earn money by answering surveys avoid doing. OpinionApp is an app that does pay and is also highly recommended, so don’t hesitate to try it and draw your own conclusions.

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If you want to use the application and verify that this information is true, I will leave you the download link below:

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